Jan 312014

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Jul 012012

The first game I ever played.

I started gaming when I was three years old. My grandpa had just bought the latest in-home technological sensation, the Nintendo. I remember him teaching me how to play Duck Hunt, which basically amounted to letting me put the light gun right up against the TV so I could shoot all the ducks at once. He couldn’t really figure out Super Mario Brothers, so he let me try it because he’d heard that kids were supposed to be good at video games. Although I never beat the game when I was a kid, I fondly remember jumping on mushrooms and finding level skip pipes at the end of creepy 8-bit basements while sitting in his living room. Throughout my childhood I played SNES and Sega games, along with a few PC games, with particular relish, getting lost in the characters, worlds, and adventures they presented.

When I was in high school, I discovered RPGs. At first, watching my stepbrother play Final Fantasy VIII, I thought that I could never play a game that seemed so complicated. Now I can play through Final Fantasy VIII with my eyes closed, and my love of RPGs has only increased. I was only really able to start gaming on a daily basis when my stepbrother lent us his old PlayStation after getting a brand new PlayStation 2. This led me to buy my very own PS2, along with Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. I began to seek out other games once I’d had my fill of those, and it’s safe to say that by this point, I was already lost in the world of gaming, and I was never coming back.

One of my favorite scenes!

Today, I find myself obsessed with experiencing as many games as possible. I currently own 476 titles across multiple platforms and genres. Though I highly prefer my 360, a thing I never thought would come to pass, since I spent most of my formative gaming years as a dedicated Sony fangirl, I also own a PS3 and a Wii, as well as a Nintendo DS. I have a computer that is capable of playing older games and some newer ones, and I’ve hung on to my old PS2, my GameCube, and my SNES. Gaming is usually my first activity choice over all others, and I love to play, think about, write about, and academically study video games. I would love to write video games, or work in the gaming industry in some capacity, or even become a games journalist. That’s why I’m here, hoping to share my gaming experiences with you, and that’s why I think it is important that you understand my gaming philosophy.

This is an expensive habit.

There’s a lot of controversy out there about what makes a gamer. Is it skill, achievements, number of games played, willingness to complete every aspect of a game no matter  how hard it is? Truthfully, I’m not too picky. If you think you’re a gamer, than you are one. Although I love achievements and there are certainly games I will play over and over again for the experience, I think that what makes me a gamer is having fun playing games, and that’s my essential gaming philosophy. Gaming should be fun.

As I review games and talk about my gaming experiences on this website, I want you to keep that in mind. Fun. Sure, every game isn’t going to be the best game I’ve ever played. I’m prepared for that. But when I review a game, I like to think about the good things about it, and not just complain about the things I didn’t like. It’s certainly valuable to point out where a game falls short, but I don’t think a game should be defined by its deficiencies. Was it fun to play? If so, than it was worth your time. End of story. While the quality debate is certainly important to me, I don’t think it’s the end of the argument. There’s a lot more to gaming than the technical specs.

This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be critical. I definitely will be. But you may find that my opinion differs on some big issues in the gaming community, and you’ll find that I don’t like to rant and rave and moan like I see many gamers do, especially on Internet forums, where some seem to congregate for the sole sake of whining. Epic Gamer Girl is a place that’s about enjoying gaming, and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

As I play my way through my massive game collection, I will share my thoughts and feelings regarding certain games with you. I’ll also write about any issues in gaming news that I think are relevant. If there’s something you want me to talk about, just let me know. I also love game recommendations. I believe you can never have too many games! I want to hear from you as gamers and as people, and have a great conversation about gaming, because in the end, I think that’s really what we’re all looking for.

Jun 242012

With all the encroaching tales of zombie sightings and mauling in the news lately, it only leaves one question: Are you prepared? Probably not AS much as you would like to be, right? Good thing you stopped by, because I want you to be prepared by engaging in my personal favorite games for xbox LIVE.

The Left 4 Dead series is all about surviving the zombie brigades. Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 are the two games in this franchise, and both center around 4 survivors trying to make their way to CEDA while encountering the never-ceasing hordes of zombies, special infected, and boss zombies.

In regards to game play, you have the option to play campaign with up to 3 other players, versus mode in a team of 4 versus 4, Scavenge, Survival, and Special Mutation. As survivors in all of these modes, you begin in a safe room/area where you have an array of small arms weapons, melee weapons, and a health kit. Some variations include your choice of power weapons, pipe bomb, Molotov, boomer bile, pills, or adrenaline shots. The objective in most of these game modes, with the exception of Scavenge, is to work with your team in warding off hordes of zombies in order to make it to the next safe room. On the way, you will encounter some form of special infected (pictured above right). Interspersed throughout the campaign and versus modes, you will encounter the boss zombies. These include the Tank or the Witch. The Tank is super powerful and best taken down faster with fire or grenade launcher. Careful to turn your flashlight off and step lightly around the crying Witch, or you will soon be downed and mauled as her victim!

Scavenge mode is my favorite mode of game play. You and your team are playing against another team of 4 infected, and the objective is to get as many gas cans as you can into the generator. These gas cans are spread out over a smaller portion of one of the maps, and each map has 16 gas cans. You can earn a special achievement for collecting all 16!

As an infected player in Versus and Scavenge mode, you will cycle through a potential of 7 special infected, with the Tank in versus mode only. I will briefly explain each. Smoker: Your long tongue reels a survivor in and suffocates them with your putrid zombie smoke. Hunter: You pounce on a survivor and maul them for lots of points. Boomer: You spew your boomer bile (vomit) all over as many survivors as you can, which attracts common zombies to them and helps take them down. Spitter: My personal favorite! From a discreet vantage point, you expectorate your acidic mouth juices to either trap survivors or cause major damage in a tight enclosure. Charger: You must have been a lopsided body-builder before converting to Zombie-ism because your very well-developed arm assists you in charging through the survivors, grabbing one, and smashing the living balls out of them. Jockey: You run and jump on a survivors head, taking them for a ride and separating them from the group to down them. The last is the Tank, who you may get to play in versus mode. You will have the ability to throw major objects at survivors, swat at them to down them quickly, and smash them when they are down. It is best to work with your team to help separate survivors, whilst throwing objects at the survivors to down them.

Look, gals & other folk, you just have to play this game if you want to ensure you are prepared for Zombiepocalypse 2012. This game can be repetitive, but you can always work on your attack strategies as infected, and your short cuts and attack methods as survivors.

I really love these games and have perfect gamer scores in both. You should, too. How else are you going to cut a bitch should a zombie appear? You have to be prepared! So get these games and start practicing. Like, now.