Jan 312014

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Jan 252014

It’s snowing in Gotham, the attempts at joyful decorations mask a city that has unimaginable darkness. Criminals are hiding in the shadows, the cold air penetrates their skin. They are waiting to strike, they unite to achieve one goal: to kill the Batman. It’s Christmas Eve but there are no children singing, no bells ringing, only the screams of the innocent. Alfred has a delicious meal prepared at the Wayne mansion, but Batman doesn’t take a night off. Nor will he ever.


Batman: Arkham Origins is the third installment in the Batman Arkham series. I admit I was skeptical to play this since it was a different company making this game from the others, and that it was an Origins story, not a continuation of Arkham City. But since I’m such an avid Batman fan how could I refuse all the hype?

Let’s start with the positives. I quite enjoyed the story and the cut-scenes. I liked the malicious intent of the Joker and how they portrayed his character. I enjoyed the cut-scene of Joker and Harley when they first met, and the part where you briefly get to play as him. There was good tension between the Batman and Joker, and the final showdown between them. The development was good, from Batman not knowing who he is, to discovering a man with such a disturbed and evil nature, not soon to forget.


The boss fights are epic. I’d say they were my favourite part of the game. The cut-scenes gave it that action and intensity it needed. In particular I enjoyed the Deathstroke and Bane fights. I want to know why the Dark Knight Rises didn’t make Bane like this?


The graphics are top-notch. Gotham City is beautiful, and the map does seem slightly bigger than the 2 previous games. The details on Batman are great. Was it just me or did he get beefier?


The Bat Cave and Bat Jet are awesome. I like that they added the combat training and the Bat Suit chamber. The conversations with Alfred were delightful.


I liked the new enhanced detective mode. Being able to review the crime scene, rewind and forward through it, was a neat feature.


Now with the negatives, Arkham Origins was more like the expansion of Arkham City. The gameplay & combat system is almost exactly the same, there are only a few minor differences. It was a safe bet, but I was disappointed in the lack of originality. This game had no lack of glitches either.

I didn’t like the voice actor of Batman as much as I did Kevin Conroy. The same with the Joker, it just wasn’t the same without Mark Hamill.

There are new villains, some unknown, and a different story; but I felt like the whole thing was too short. I felt like I got more out of Arkham City.

The side missions were good, but could have been better. I didn’t like that the Enigma one never really went anywhere, and that the collecting of the data packs were exactly the same as collecting the Riddler trophies. Some tasks got really monotonous. What I want to know is how many bad guys Batman beat up in one night! I also didn’t really understand the police being against Batman thing, I mean it was clear he was trying to help stop the bad guys right? Silly Commissioner Gordon.

I really didn’t care much for the multi-player. I had high hopes for it but it really wasn’t that great. I personally like co-op multi-player’s such as in Mass Effect 3. Never been a fan of getting my ass kicked several times repeatedly by a 10 year old who has a personal vendetta against noobs. Capture the flag and so forth is so not my thing.

Overall, while this game lacked originality, I still enjoyed the action it gave, the story and the character development. It wasn’t as good as Arkham City, but it’s still worth playing if you enjoyed the other two games and are a Batman fan. My advice would be to wait for a major price drop since it doesn’t have a lot of replay value. I give it a 7.5/10.


On a side note, I’m interested to see what the DLC coming out this year is going to be. An edition to the story perhaps? I think another origin story with a different villain would be neat. There are rumors it might have to do with Mr. Freeze!

Join the conversation! Did you play Arkham Origins and what did you think? What would you like to see in the new DLC? Comment below or on the Epic Gamer Girl Facebook Page. You can also find me on twitter @firedragon1087.

Jan 122014

My 2013 Gaming Review:


Another year has come and gone, and the gaming resolutions begin!

The main games I played in 2013 were: Just Dance 4, Bioshock Infinite, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Midnight Club, Grandtheft Auto 4 (Episodes from Liberty City), DC Universe Online, Diablo 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, Fallout: New Vegas, Lego Marvel, and Injustice Gods Among Us.

The best game I played in 2013 was definitely Bioshock Infinite. While I thought Arkham Origins would be the winner, Bioshock won due to its excellent story-telling, graphics, gameplay & originality. If you want to see my full review of it, see my previous post 🙂

The Rockstar collection pack was an excellent buy in 2013. It included Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City & Midnight Club. I hadn’t played any of them so it was a good deal. I wasn’t sure if I’d like Red Dead Redemption, but when I started playing it I couldn’t stop! It was so enthralling, and there were so many missions it kept me busy for a good long while. The graphics & gameplay were great. The story & characters kept me interested, and the ending was quite surprising. I quite enjoyed the online multi-player as well. I could see why this game was a best seller. LA Noire wasn’t quite as good as Red Dead, but I enjoyed the dark storyline and it kept me interested. I couldn’t quite connect with the main character, I thought he was kind of an A-hole. But I thought the investigations were fun, even though I was terrible at them. In fact I think I would be the world’s worst detective. No really. Not kidding. Just terrible. Overall it was entertaining and unique. Midnight club & GTA4 episodes were just fillers, but were fun to play in-between other games. The online multi-player in both those games were pretty fun.

Speaking of online multi-player, I started playing DC Universe Online again. It’s a really fun game to play for free, as long as you don’t mind the hours of waiting for the install & updates! I loved both the characters I made, one good one evil. It’s definitely not perfect, there are many glitches and things that can be improved upon. This is why I’m excited its out on the PS4, I’m hoping a lot of those problems have been fixed. I’ll definitely go back to playing it once I get a PS4.

I was thrilled when Diablo 3 came out on the PS3, I waited so long to play it! I’m addicted to dungeon crawlers, and the fact that it has both local & online co-op is great. I highly recommend this game to any RPG lover. I think it’s a shame some people won’t play it just because it has a top view. It’s great to play with friends (you can play up to 4 characters on the same screen). It’s well worth the money because there’s so much replay value in it.

The most anticipated game I waited to play in 2013 was Arkham Origins. The bottom line is that it was a great game, but it wasn’t as good as Arkham city, and way shorter. It lacked originality. So I was a little disappointed after all the hype; my excitement was gone after a week of playing. But with that being said there were still some good things about it, which I’ll discuss in my full review coming soon!

Another good buy was Fallout: New Vegas. I didn’t know too much about it, but based on the good reviews I gave it a chance. Honestly I was lost when first playing it, and it took me awhile to get into. But once I did it was actually pretty fun. Just like the Elder Scrolls it’s an open world game, and there are tons of missions to do and places to explore. I sunk quite a few hours in it, and I’m still not finished. Good value for the $20 (Cnd) I paid for it, which included all the DLC’s!

As the end of the year drew near, game sales were pretty attractive. So I got Lego Marvel half price on the PSN store, and Injustice God’s among us on sale for $20 (Cnd). Both were a great buy. I’m still playing Lego Marvel, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I love that it has an open world concept in New York, and the missions are super fun. Who wouldn’t love Lego Hulk? Hulk crush puny Lego men! This is actually the first Lego game that I’ve really gotten into and that I’m going to play the whole way through.

After finishing the story-mode in Injustice Gods Among Us I have to say it was the best storyline I’ve ever seen in a fighting game. I usually don’t expect much story wise in those kinds of games, but it was really like watching a movie. I love the “super moves”, and the interactive environment. Best fighting game in 2013!

I’m not sure what the future will bring for gaming. I wondered if 3D or virtual gaming would get more popular. With today’s technology I’m excited to see what comes.

2013 was also the release of the highly anticipated PS4 & Xbox One! In 2014, I’ll be looking forward to next gen console gaming. Never before had I seen such controversy over two competing consoles. I decided to stick with Playstation though, so I plan on getting a PS4 this year. My PS3 has served me well these past few years, but soon it will be time to move on. And the fact I barely have any space left on my hard drive! My favourite games of all time that I played on the PS3 are: DragonAge Origins, Mass Effect 2 & 3, and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim.

There are lots of games I’m looking forward to playing in 2014, but the two biggest ones are Elder Scrolls Online, and Dragon Age Inquisition. Elder Scrolls coming in June on PS4, and Dragonage likely near the end of the year.

Overall, 2013 was an epic gaming year, and I look forward to more games to come!


Join the discussion! What was your favourite game(s) in 2013 and what game(s) do you look forward to in 2014? Comment below or on the Epic Gamer Girl Facebook Page. You can also find me on twitter @firedragon1087.