Arcade Review - Faery: Legends of Avalon

Arcade Review – Faery: Legends of Avalon

Who doesn’t love the 360 Arcade? Arcade games are often hidden gems, offering great gaming experiences for a lower price than those big budget new release titles, and they’re also available for direct download, meaning you can play right away. In my Arcade reviews, I’ll focus on what games give you the most bang for […]

YouTube Challenge {Day 23}

Fez The video is only a brief sample of what the game has to offer. Fez is unique in the way that sucks you in and makes you actually think about how to reach your destination.

YouTube Challenge {Day 22}

YouTube Challenge {Day 22}

I had some technical difficulties with capturing. Please excuse the hiccup. …let the challenge proceed! Bringing back the YouTube Challenge is FEZ This is the first part of Fez. It’s an arcade game available for xbox …better yet, it’s a MUST HAVE game! It’s the sweetest xbla game since Limbo or Super Meat Boy.

Fez: A Newly Twisted Adventure

Fez: A Newly Twisted Adventure

This game is absolutely mind blowing. I downloaded the demo to see what all the fuss was on twitter and I was pleasantly surprised by the confused attraction I had to the game. The demo is about 5 minutes. That’s really all it takes to decide if this game is for you. For me, there […]


I tried the demo of Limbo months ago and thought it was rubbish. I was looking for something flashy with immediate gratification. Basically, I didn’t have patience for a game that required any sort of thought. However, now I have the time, patience, and desire to slowly progress through the epic puzzles. Limbo is very […]

Games I'm Playing This Week:

Games I’m Playing This Week:

Catherine: I’ve made it to the third chapter. Should you buy it? Nah… so far it hasn’t blown my mind. It’s worth a rental however. The story is kinda lame and the puzzles are repetitive. Check out a video that the amazing lowieee forwarded to me on twitter. Its a fairly accurate review of the […]