Holidays... or better yet, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Holidays… or better yet, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

This is the first real Christmas that I am not going to spend with my Dad or brother. Plus, it’s the first time knowing that I won’t ever see them again during the holidays. But I’ve decided that life carries on and I have to enjoy the moments I have left and embrace each new […]

Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Day 23

Buy a new game, play it for at least an hour and review the overall gameplay (sound, graphics, characters, story) Sims 3: I was debating purchasing this game. I bought it for the PC and spent endless hours building families and living their lives out. Usually games that are designed for the PC are better […]

Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Day 22

Offer an evening of free childcare to someone who needs to get out I thought of this one well in advance because Christmas is coming up, and I know a couple parents who don’t have enough time to spend a few hours together on a date. It is so important for couples (especially after they […]

Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Day 21

What is your favourite video game to play? Give a detailed description of the Pros & Cons My favourite game to play on the Xbox is Rockband. I have been playing since the first game came out. I was never a huge fan of Guitar Hero because I enjoy singing. Rockband offers that, in addition […]

Gaming & Giving Back Challenge: Day 18

Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while This was a hard decision, I didn’t know who I should call. I have a girlfriend who just had a baby. We have been chatting through text and facebook. I also have a few friends who have moved away. I suppose I could pick up […]