YouTube Challenge {Day 27}

System of a Down “Ariels” Rock Band 3 This is one of my favourite songs to sing. It’s so pretty! Plus watching bass and pro drums is totally amazing! Kira on Bass vApathyv on Pro Drums Midnite Faery on Vocals

YouTube Challenge {Day 24}

Pink “Fun House” Rock Band 3 This was the last song of our set …and what a perfect song it was! The vocals didn’t stream though …but that’s okay because it’s still a brilliant song and loads of fun to play with a full band! Kira on Bass shadowGIB on Drums Kitlerc on Guitar Midnite […]

YouTube Challenge {Day 23}

Fez The video is only a brief sample of what the game has to offer. Fez is unique in the way that sucks you in and makes you actually think about how to reach your destination.

YouTube Challenge {Day 22}

YouTube Challenge {Day 22}

I had some technical difficulties with capturing. Please excuse the hiccup. …let the challenge proceed! Bringing back the YouTube Challenge is FEZ This is the first part of Fez. It’s an arcade game available for xbox …better yet, it’s a MUST HAVE game! It’s the sweetest xbla game since Limbo or Super Meat Boy.