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Jan 292013

From all the fitness games I have played thus far I’ve enjoyed Just Dance 4 the most. I know some people may prefer Dance Central for Kinect, but if you only have PS3 like me, this is the best option for dance & fitness games! It can be a great party game as well, and is by far the best Just Dance game. The best feature in the game for me is the Just Sweat option. If you want to get in shape, and can’t be as active as in the summer, then this is perfect! You choose what style of dance and type of workout you want, and then get to sweating! You can go for 10 mins, 25 mins or 45 mins (approximately). It also tracks your movements in real time so it tells you how many calories you’re burning. It then decides whether the next song will be a cool or intense one based on your energy level. I don’t know how accurate this actually is, but it’s a pretty neat feature! Besides from my downstairs neighbor hating on me, I’ve really enjoyed this type of work out. I’ve played a lot of Zumba Fitness before but as a game it really bombed and I got bored with it after awhile. I liked the Latin style of dancing, but it needed more variety. And while it says it tracks your hip movements, it didn’t matter what movements you did, just that you made movement. Just Dance tracks the move controller a lot more accurately. I’ve heard its fairly accurate for tracking you on the Wii and Xbox 360 as well. Basically I don’t want my workouts to feel like a chore, and so far I’m not bored at all with Just Dance 4. It gives you a decent amount of song choices & variety, and throws you fun, energy and humor.

You can create your own dancer card as well, which I only discovered after playing it for 2 weeks lol. So my stats would have been higher by now.

I like that you get to level up the more Mojo you have. After each Mojo level up you get a free gift; it could be an alternate version to a song, or you can unlock a new workout, etc. There are also downloadable songs you can add if you want to pay extra, including the ever so popular “Gangnam Style”, which I know people were really excited about.

For the main dance section, you can play 1 – 4 players. I admit the moves in most of the songs were pretty difficult to learn for me, especially since I’m not a dancer, but anyone can learn with more practice.  It was frustrating at first but after dancing a song a couple times I started to get the hang of it. Some are much harder than others of course. The highest score I’ve gotten so far on a song is Flo Rider’s “Good Feeling” with 4 out of 5 stars. I’m working on 5 stars! You can get really competitive with your friends too.

Once you get the hang of it, dancing is a super fun way to get in shape, or even if you just want a little cardio in the day. It doesn’t take much time at all and it really gets your heart rate going. Plus you are gaming at the same time! Get those scores up, increase your mojo level & compete with your friends!

I’m loving this game, I give Just Dance 4 an 8.5 out of 10.

Aug 252012

My Experience at Geek Girl Con 2012:

My overall experience at this con was quite positive. It was my first time doing volunteering as well as attending as press. I feel like it gave a good look behind the scenes. I met a lot of cool & geeky people, and the environment was quite laid back & friendly/positive. I think the idea behind the con was great. Celebrating the female geek in a variety of genres – video games, science fiction, fantasy, math & science. Being a female geek myself it was nice to meet others like me, who have similar interests.

In terms of the con itself,  it was quite small compared to others I’ve been to. I would like to see it expanded a bit more next year with more exhibits, more vendors and more female celebrities.

The Midnite Faery and I volunteered in the gaming rooms on the Saturday, and it was a good opportunity to chat with other gamers. The representatives for EA Games & PopCap were very friendly & informative. The games featured were Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, Sims 3, Plants Vs. Zombies & Peggle. Next year, I would like to see more games featured by EA. I know their portfolio is bigger than what they presented.

I loved the various cosplay at this con. It’s one of the key components of full frontal nerdity!

BigFish Games was on the upper level and they were showcasing some of their casual games for IOS. The representatives were very friendly and it seems like they really enjoy their jobs. They mentioned that 85% of their customers were female, so they are very interested in the female gaming perspective. This was exciting news!

Justin (left) and Conor (Right)

I met a lady from NASA, she had a booth, and I chatted to her about their space program – the solar dynamics observatory – which helps to predict space weather, solar flares in particular. It’s their eye on the sun. I think it was really neat she was there to share that information with us. She was a smart science geek!

The vendors room had a good variety of geeky merchandise, and had some really cool people there!

The Midnite Faery and I attended a meet & greet on the Sat evening to chat with other volunteers, staff members, press & media. It was nice to just hang out, play pool & have a drink. This is where we got interviewed for the Vancouver Sun! I was not expecting the article to be as a big as it was, but I love the photo of us, and that we actually got quoted!

The panels we attended were “Geek Girls for Good” and “Women in Gaming”. I thought the “Women in Gaming” panel was quite informative & interesting. The women on the panel had various jobs in the gaming industry, and it was neat to see their perspective as a woman in the industry. Was interesting to know that sexism against females in gaming has gone down quite a bit in the last 10 years.  It seems like men are becoming more accepting of girls in that field, and girls interested in gaming. In my experience, the males in my life have been very accepting of my gaming interests & other nerd qualities.  I remember liking video games at a young age, so it always just felt normal to me.

I had an awesome time at this con with the Midnite Faery & I hope to attend more cons in the future as press! I would like to connect more with the gaming community in general & get more exposure for Epic Gamer Girl.

Geek Girls Unite!

Jun 192012

Uncharted 3 is an epic thrill ride action adventure game that kept me entertained throughout the entire game. The storyline is excellent, the characters developed throughout the story & the game play was well done. I love the “trigger” effect in games, and Uncharted was always good at that.

The graphics are amazing, every detail is brilliant.

The beginning of the game is fantastic, I loved that they took you back to Drake’s childhood and gave history between him and Sully and what started this adventure.

There were twists and turns in the middle and end. Every time I finished a chapter I didn’t want to stop, I wanted to keep going and continue on the story. Uncharted is excellent for it’s cinematics. Makes sense why they’re making an Uncharted movie, which I cannot wait to see. Plus Nathan Drake is pretty easy on the eyes hey ladies? 😉

What made me laugh however was whenever Drake was stagnate, he always looks so mad, like an angry ape man. Lol.

The combat style I thought could have been better. I enjoyed melee fighting much more in Batman Arkham Asylum & Arkham City. The melee style in this game falls a bit flat, and its too simple. What it stayed good at was the classic gun fights. Collecting bigger, more bad ass weapons, hellz yeah! The fights did get a little repetitive at times, but its always fun to strategize how you’re going to blow the snot out of your enemies 🙂

The desert chapter kind of stands out because its the only chapter in the game without any intense action going on, which was a nice break to “reflect” on the story so far.

It’s hard to say what my favourite chapter was because I liked them all the same. Each one had its uniqueness and gave that sense of urgency and excitement. It really felt like an interactive movie most of the time.

The puzzles I thought were well done, some of them gave a challenge but they weren’t too hard either. I could still have fun figuring them out without getting too frustrated. I felt there was a nice balance between action, puzzles and climbing/shooting. This is familiar to the first two games as well. It makes me think how far these games have come, going back to the very first Prince of Persia games, which had a similar game play style.

The ending I thought could have used a bit improvement, they could have expanded on a few things because it felt it was a bit rushed. There are some questions left unanswered and a bit more closure would have been nice. I don’t want to give any spoilers so I won’t say anymore. I think one more chapter thrown in there to tie up loose ends would have been perfect. But with that said, perhaps there’s room for an Uncharted 4? I mean, this can’t be it for Nathan Drake can it?

There was one part near the end that completely felt like an Indiana Jones rip-off, and when you play that part, you’ll know what it is 🙂

The online multi-player part of this game is fun. You can play with friends or just online campaign with others. I do not like playing in split screen though so I didn’t choose that. The online is a nice addition to the game and it keeps the replay factor there. But did I enjoy getting my head blown off by internet Rambo’s with too much time on their hands? No.. I did not. I better stick to story mode lol :-p

I love the whole Uncharted series – 1 – 3. If you own a PS3 I would highly recommend playing them all. I would play them all again. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this game. Well done Naughty Dog!

I’m giving it a 9/10.

Jun 052012


I recently finished this game and I would say all in all this was a decent sequel. The story was compelling, the characters were still interesting. Cole, the same bad ass & Zeke still the loyal fat companion providing some drunken comic relief. I felt the game took it to that next level a sequel needs to be. The powers were stronger & more diverse. I  enjoyed the added melee weapon. The added characters were well integrated. The added elemental powers were neat, once you get there! The choice between fire & ice, good & evil. A little cliche maybe, but still neat. I would have liked to have the choice to have all 3 – fire, ice & electric powers but I’m just greedy like that. I don’t know about you, but I love feeling powerful in games & getting stronger powers, leveling up, etc. This game does a good job of that. It’s fun to be good, and even more fun being evil 😀

I think the biggest thing they added was the “online” missions that were made by other players – UGC’s. There were a lot of these, and honestly most of these blew chunks and were a waste of my time. BUT there were a few that were fun to play and that actually made sense. I found about one in ten were good. I didn’t spend a lot of time on these though, as I felt there were enough side missions & things to collect to keep me busy in-between the main missions.

I love the art style in which they do their cut scenes, but I found there weren’t as many this time.

I liked the challenges that were thrown at me. They added more enemy types, & each had their purpose. I really did appreciated that. But with that been said some of the fights got really repetitive. It was like, oh man, how many of these things have I fought already? And you always find a certain power or attack works best for that enemy so you’re using a lot of the same attacks.

They banged me with a few surprises at the end. There was some pretty intense moments. The choice between the two major outcomes are pretty clear though, since they totally depend on what Karma you choose.

In the end this was a fun game to play, and I enjoyed it. I wasn’t as blown away like in Arkham City or Skyrim so there were some things that could’ve been improved upon. It needed more polish & impact. But if you’ve played the first Infamous then I would definitely pick up this sequel. It’s well worth it. Can you play the second without the first? Yes, you can, but I would highly recommend playing the first one first, so A: you can follow the story better, understand certain story elements & be familiar with the game play and powers so that you can see how they’ve improved upon these in the second.

Bottom line: If you own a PS3 PLAY INFAMOUS & INFAMOUS 2!

My rating: 8.5/10

P.S: Coming soon: My review of Uncharted 3 🙂

Jun 022012


Hi all! It’s me Firedragon! Remember me? It was a little while back now, but it’s still worth blogging about. Here’s a brief little blog about my adventure in Calgary last April.

Approximately 50,000 nerds united at this weekend event, a three day saga of full frontal nerdity. We arrived there Sat morning just as it was opening, and the crowds were INSANE. We got lost a couple times trying to find the entrance & inside trying to find where we needed to be, haha. I was told we were lucky to get in even though we had purchased advanced tickets online, because some people who even had VIP passes could not get processed or left and could get back in! Anyhow, it was starting to feel like a Woodstock concert for nerds as we battled the crowds with our maces trying to find out where our Patrick Stewart photo op was. Of course we were going to do this first, since we were super excited about it! We literally got stuck in a crowd, people surrounding us on all ends, could barely breath. We asked some people around us what the hell this crowd was for, and they said it was the line to get into the line for Patrick Stewart! Ha! So we randomly got stuck in the exact place we needed to get stuck in! So 2 hours later waiting in line-ups & rationing our supplies, it was time to meet Patrick Stewart! 2 hours of suck to get 2 minutes of awesome as we were herded in & out like cattle. The man, the legend, THE Picard. But I tell you it was worth every minute & every penny.

Fan Cosplay

Line to the entrance

The Patrick Stewart photo op crowd we stumbled into

The official Patrick Stewart photo op line!


So then after some lunch, we proceeded to wait in the next line for the once in a life time opportunity autograph signing of THE ENTIRE CAST OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – which included: Patrick Stewart, Johnathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Levar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Gates Mcfadden, Denise Crosby & Wil Wheaton.

The result:

The precious

After that, we took a little stroll around the vendors room. It was huge! There was lots of loot to be had & lots of interesting things/people to see.

Transporter pad!

Captains Chair

They were auctioning this off, Piano signed by entire TNG cast

The Delorean!

He was watching us from afar lol

So when we got to our hotel, they gave us a comic con welcome package! We were only there one night, but the room was awesome at the Hotel International Calgary.

Welcome Package

That evening, we attended the TNG reunion show at the Stampede Corral. There was about 7,000 people there & this was a seated event, so it was sold out the same day they went on sale. Which is why we were way in the back lol. The show was great though, was entertaining to see them all interacting with each other & all being together after 25 years. They have a unique friendship & a connection that lasted way beyond the show. Surprise guests included Garret Wang from Voyager & John Delancie! (Q)

TNG Reunion Show

Next day, we started with attending the Futurama panel. Billy West & John De Maggio were frickin’ hilarious & entertaining. They did some character impressions & did a Q & A. Billy West does the voice of Fry, Zoidberg, and the Professor. John De Maggio does the voice of Bender and he was totally like the human bender LOL.

Futurama Panel. Left: Billy West. Middle: John De Maggio

More vendors room fun & bartering followed that.

This was all made of Lego

Hulk Smash!

We got a good deal from him lol

My Nerdrings 🙂


Bat Mobile

More robots

Comics, comics, & more comics

We then took an Amazing Spider-Man #1 replica comic to be signed by THE Stan Lee – Stan the man! It was quite an honor to meet him.

We then ended our day with the Patrick Stewart spotlight. What a great man he is.

Alas we had to go home but our time was well spent & the epic nerd fest that happened that weekend was one I will never forget. There was something for every kind of nerd of all ages.

The stars, the people, and of course, the loot!

The loot!

What will be next?

Nov 132011






Hi! I Haven’t posted on here in forever, which is my own fault. But I really wanted to give a review for this game!

If you are a Batman fan, this game will not disappoint. I would recommend playing Arkham Asylum first, but its not mandatory.

The graphics are amazing. The scenery of Gotham in the background is spectacular, the details on all the billboards, posters, buildings, everywhere is just great. The environment & atmosphere pulls you in to that creepy dark Gotham experience. The city of Arkham is large, but not overwhelming at all.

The story all throughout the game is very exciting, enticing, enthralling & surprising! Very well written. I really wanted to know what was going to happen next & they threw all kinds of twists & turns at me.

There are puzzles in the game which are really fun to figure out. Some can be difficult but you just have to think which gadgets you can use to get you out of the situation.

Gameplay & combat is very similar to Arkham Asylum, but they have made some improvements. Nice selection of upgrades available for your combat, gadgets, & suit. Combat is fun, & if you pull off your moves right, its just sexy! There are a lot of places to hide & sneak around to surprise your enemies. You definitely have a choice in how you want to knock the snot out of someone, or catch them off-guard.

And you can play as Catwoman – Meow! Her chapters will come up periodically between Batmans. Her combat style is very quick & precise, very ninja like. The whip is a nice touch. Not as many upgrades available for her & she only has 4 chapters but still a very nice addition. Enemies beware – This kitty has claws!

The side missions are awesome because it gives you satisfactory challenges that bring you face to face with a lot of Batman’s enemies that aren’t in the main story – from Mad Hatter to Bane to the Riddler. Some of them are significantly harder than others. I got through a lot of these but haven’t gotten all of them 100% yet. I enjoyed the Mad Hatter one because it was brief, thrilling & disturbing. Bains was a good one cuz you could just do it periodically while doing other missions. I got through the Zsausz one but I gotta say he creeped the hell out of me & I didn’t want to answer his calls! Deadshot mission was fairly easy to get through, & was an amusing conclusion. I got through some of the augmented realty training but it was damn hard to get all those manoeuvres. The ones where you can get some Mr. Freeze equipment I will highly recommend. His freezing tools come in handy!
I’d say the biggest side mission in the game is the Riddler one: Enigma Conundrum. There are 400 riddler trophies total to get & I got to about 170 of them. (I believe this includes the trophies for Catwoman) Some of them are quite challenging to get that involves intense puzzle-solving but some will require you to get ALL your gadget upgrades first. There is a series of Riddler rooms to solve once you get a certain number of trophies. The ones I did I really enjoyed. Kicker is if you want the final showdown with him you need all 400!

In the main story you get more Joker tomfoolery of course (Joker played by Mark Hamill again, supposably for the last time), Penguin, Hugo Strange, Ra’s Al Ghul, even Mr. Freeze. As Catwoman you’ll have experiences with Poison Ivy & Two-Face. Between the side missions & the main ones I felt like I got to experience almost every Batman character here. Even Robin will make an appearance, lol. I don’t remember seeing Scarecrow, but you get a lot of him in the first game anyways.

The main missions are fun to play. The story pulls you in, and each batch of enemies get harder and throws you more challenges. You really have to survey & be strategic on how to get yourself out of these situations. There is a different approach each time because the enemies get smarter throughout the game! The bosses have to be beaten in a certain way. Difficulty was medium although I actually found the end boss wasn’t all that hard to beat.

The ending really surprised me, but it was brilliant. It made me really wonder what would happen if there was a Batman 3!

The main missions in the game are fairly short, so it doesn’t take too much time to finish the game, but it all depends on how many side missions you play – which are well worth doing! You still get quite a bit of gameplay out of it. They already have a DLC out – Nightwing. I haven’t tried it yet, will wait to see what other DLC’s they come out with.

Once you finish the main story, you have the option to continue on to finish the side missions you didn’t get a chance to finish, or you can start a new game on challenge mode with harder enemies and all your upgrades. Riddler trophies are shared between games.

Overall, I give this game a 9/10. If you’ve played Arkham Asylum and/or are a Batman fan, this is a MUST play game!

P.S: Some people say this is the best superhero game ever made. What do YOU think? 🙂