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– Midnite Faery

Midnite FaeryMidnite Faery

Creator, Editor, and Writer for Epic Gamer Girl. Child & Youth Support Worker during the day; zombie slayer & dragon hunter at night! Lover of video games, conventions, photography, coffee, traveling, food, and of course my husband! My favourite games are Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Skyrim, and Left 4 Dead 2.


Gamer girl for life, and writer for Epic Gamer Girl. In real life, I am a graduate student who studies pop culture. In my free time, I prefer to get lost in books, movies, TV, and video games. My favorite game genres are RPG and survival horror, my favorite gaming company is BioWare, and my favorite games are Dragon Age and Mass Effect, among many others.


I'm Creative & Nerdy. I'm passionate about Video Games, Star Trek, Superheroes, Food, Movies & Music. My favourite game types are RPG's and action/adventure. I also enjoy photography, video/photo editing & writing, dragon-slaying, and of course, I'm a writer for Epic Gamer Girl 🙂


Superhero mom and massage therapist by day, gamer by night. Somewhere in-between, I also enjoy listening to music, watching movies, tv shows about ghost-hunting, UFOs, and Ancient Alien theories, and creating/designing jewelry. I am loathe to bad grammar skills and I LOVE capturing mullet hairstyles with my camera.


I am a HUGE Batman fan! I love The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Halo 🙂 ect ect.... Also, I am a big Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings fan . Metallica's biggest fan here 😉


Gamer girl in heart and soul! I'm a professional Editor and have been working in the gaming industry for about two years. I love writing, gaming, dancing, watching movies and reading books, sports, and daydreaming. My favorite game genre is historical/fantasy RPG, like Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed, and Skyrim, and I also enjoy some casual Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros among many other titles. I'm a huge fan of anything by Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Game of Thrones, and my cat Cleo.


I'm a left handed virgo that loves playing anything RPG. I'm also a licensed practical nurse and love what I do for a living even if it does cut into time I could spend tweeting and/or gaming. I live with a bipolar boyfriend(Wayne), 5 cats(Charlie, Ghost, Bella, Thomas and Jinx) and a chihuahua(Zeppelin). Anything else you'd ike to know ask and it may be your lucky day as I might answer, ;P.



I've been gaming ever since I can remember. Started out with Atari and Nintendo. Now playing PS3 and Xbox 360. Favorite games include Fable, Fatal Frame and Skyrim. Favorite band is Metallica.

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