Jan 272014

I’m sure you’ve seen these fun little photos posted all over the web, but this is new and exciting because the stunning FireDragon created it!

The way the game is played:

1. From the left column, you pick the FIRST letter of your FIRST name

2. From the middle column, you pick the FIRST letter of you Middle name

3. From the right column, you pick the LAST letter of your LAST name


My name is Flying Zombie Master! …I couldn’t think of a better gamer tag!

The following are some of the amazing responses we’ve found on Facebook and Twitter!

Lorella: Wicked Puppy Licker

Darcie: Enormous Lemon Stomper

Th3_Jynxxx: Mega Sonic Beast

Tomas: Shiney Zombie Feet

Melody: Tiny Banana Master

Craig: Ultimate Tickle Beast

April: Amazing Lemon Beast-Rocker

Andre: Amazing Pickle Warrior

Karen: Mega Monkey Balls

Fullmetal Judge: Tiny Tickle Monster

Lowieee: Wicked Kitten Beast

…and finally Tony, who is a “Shiney Bat Muncher” LOL

Who would you be? 😀 

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