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Can you fall in love in a video game?

Since it’s Valentines day, I thought I would write a quick post about love and romance in video games! The first time I “fell in love” in a video game was in Dragon Age Origins. Thank you Bioware for creating a world where romance is possible. I love when a game lets you know a character on a more intimate level, and to share something special with them. I’m not just talking about sex, but more about love, and “romancing” a character. So is it silly to have feelings for a fictional character? If it’s real to you, it’s not silly. It makes the game and character you’re falling for that much more special.  If you’re playing an RPG why not give it that something extra to really make you feel like you’re living another life? It’s about really making a connection to someone special. Sappy, I know, but it’s true!

My top 5 favourite video game romances:

1.)  DragonAge Origins – Alistair: This was my first video game romance ever, and it was real to me because at the time I didn’t even know you could romance a character. I genuinely got to know him through each conversation and we took steps towards a romance. Like in real life, it’s a trust you build with each other to get to the next level. Start a friendship, then build a romance. It’s one I will never forget. It’s true Alistair is easy on the eyes, but I loved his personality too. Every romance I had after that in Origins and DragonAge 2 didn’t feel the same; they felt hollow in comparison.

2.)  Mass Effect 3 – Female Shepard & Garrus Vakarian: Honestly at first I was a little bit superficial about Garrus, thinking “eww, he’s an ugly alien, why would I want to hit that?” The first play through in ME2 I romanced Jacob Taylor because he was the only human male option that was good looking. I didn’t feel anything in the relationship though. In ME3, I romanced Kaiden, but again felt nothing. I would have romanced James if it were possible, since he is super sexy and I liked his personality too. What a tease Bioware! I was honestly disappointed in the lack of romance options for the Fem Shep, since the Male Shep had so many! It’s like hmm, aliens or woman eh. Anyway, it forced me to have an open mind about an alien romance. In ME2 the second time around, I romanced Garrus. I have to say I genuinely fell for Garrus as a person. I love their romance because even though he is more on the conservative side, I really felt the connection between them. And it’s great you can carry forward the romance in ME3, where the best parts of their romance occur. “There is no Shepard without Vakarian” – Shepard. They make the perfect team.

The next ones are more so my favourite couples in video games, ones that you can’t choose but are just special.

3.)  Zelda – Link & Zelda: This is such a sweet, innocent romance. They belong together, and every Zelda game makes you appreciate that. They start at such a young age, where it’s cute, and as they get older it gets more serious and beautiful.

4.)  Monkey Island – Guybrush Threepwood & Elaine: I like this romance because it shows a relationship that isn’t always a smooth ride. But it also shows Guybrush’s dedication to Elaine and that in the end they belong together. The humor is a great way to make this couple a light-hearted romance that we can all enjoy.

5.)  Mario: Mario & Peach: I love this couple because of Mario’s determination to save Princess peach every single time. It shows how love can motivate you to do crazy and dangerous things. “Mama Mia! What a beautiful Princess eh?”

What’s your favourite video game romance and/or couple?



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  One Response to “Virtual Romance”

  1. xxFireAndIce

    I often fall for video game characters… unfortunately the two that I am in love with aren’t romancable :'( They are Ben Finn and Reaver from Fable 2/3, so I can only dream!!