Jan 202013

So… you know when you love something, take for example, The Walking Dead graphic novels, and you watch it turn into mass produced media. Well that’s what happened from my perspective. I started reading The Walking Dead before the masses picked up on how awesome it is. The tv series started and I stood against it. Partially because movies/shows often ruin the story and also because I didn’t have cable so I couldn’t be bothered spending time finding it online. I was so in love with the graphic novels that I implemented them in my programming while working with youth. What better way to connect then through beautiful art and a fantastic story! Of course there was discussions about safety and what could happen …but I will save that for another post 😉

I got The Walking Dead. I had the demo ages ago and played through the start. I entered the kitchen and bashed that zombie lady’s head in (this is not a spoiler because it is in the demo and you bash through lots of zombies in a apocalyptic game). The demo was the extent for me. I wasn’t hooked. I figured I would wait for all the episodes to be released and then get it. So now you know how long I had been sitting on the fence about this game.

I typically don’t enjoy games that focus on cut scenes and that have amazing graphics during the scene but choppy game play. I just like to turn my console on and play. I even played the start of the 3rd episode at PAX and I wasn’t completely sold.

Then on Christmas Eve, I got a message from a friend on my Xbox. The first whole episode of The Walking Dead was free!! Wicked. I am a sucker for free games …who isn’t?!

I played the first episode and loved it. I was hooked on the characters (even though they’re different than the graphic novels). I loved the choices they had to make and the pace of the game. Plus, its got gorey elements if zombies being killed!

Check out a bit of Episode 2, which was on sale over the holidays.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys watching a beautifully created video/game. You get to interact with the characters, kill zombies, and make life determining decisions (in the game of course!).

All 5 episodes are available now to download or purchase in the shops. Playing in sequence without a time delay is vital to fully immerse in the story.

You will play as Lee, an escaped criminal. You will find out what he did, as the story progresses. Your partner throughout is Clementine, a little girl who is searching for her parents. You will come across various survivors who will help and hinder your fight against the walkers.

I’ve heard rumors that you will be able to continue your story when the next Walking Dead game comes out. All the tough decisions that you make, will continue to impact what happens and your interactions with other survivors along your path.

These are MY choices throughout the game. Don’t click on the picture if you don’t want to spoil any of your decisions 😉

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