Mar 172013

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune came to me by accident when I bought my PS3. It was included in the bundle package I wanted, so I chalked it up to a free game and brought it home and didn’t think much about it. After a few days, I was curious and decided to try it out. I sat down on my couch and didn’t get up until I had finished the game eight hours later.

Okay, okay, there may have been a bathroom break in there somewhere. But the point is that this game is so good that it made me not want to do anything else until I finished it, and for me, that’s a rarity. Don’t get me wrong, I really get into my games, but because of the limits on my time, it’s not often that I’ll actually just sit and play one all the way through without even thinking about the other things I should really be doing. Basically, I’m telling you that this is a game that literally everyone should play at least once, and here’s why.

Uncharted begins the story of Nathan Drake, who is sort of a modern Indiana Jones, except without the degrees. When we first meet Drake, he is looking for the coffin of his ancestor, Sir Francis Drake. Francis Drake was an English explorer, and Nathan thinks he found the secret location of El Dorado, the Lost City of Gold. Accompanied by a reporter, Elena Fisher, and aided by his longtime friend, Victor “Sully” Sullivan, Drake’s goal is to find the city and become famous and rich. Of course, other people are aware of what Drake is doing, and those people are not nice, which means that finding the city is going to be a fight, and not just a fight to the finish, but a fight to survive.

But make no mistake, Uncharted has a lot more going for it than a great story. It is also one of the most visually stunning games that I’ve ever played. Most of the environments in the first game are jungle and ruins. There is also a lot of water. And it all looks absolutely amazing. I will freely admit that I died a couple of times because I got distracted standing on top of a mountain looking out at a magnificent view.

See what I mean about the view?

Mechanically, the game also goes to great lengths to use these environments in various levels. There’s plenty of platforming to be had, most of it over crumbling ruins (yes, it’s as hazardous as it sounds). There are gunfights in the jungle and in the ruins, as well as puzzles to be solved. There are also several vehicle sequences that are exquisitely done, and I usually hate vehicle sequences in games, so that’s saying something. The controls are simple and fluid and the combat, which consists primarily of picking up various guns discarded by enemies and occasionally punching someone in the face, is exciting and satisfying.

Jet skis are a lot of fun in this game.

Basically, I’m telling you that nothing is wrong with this game and that you should play it and love it. It’s perfect in every way, and you shouldn’t miss it!

Grade: 10/10

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