Feb 232013

I have fallen under the spell of tapping my index finger constantly on my phone. I refused to play games on my phone forever. I have an xbox, what did I need to use my phone for. Hmph…that all changed when I was in a car accident and couldn’t sit up long enough to play xbox but desperately needed to get my game fix.

Well no, that’s a lie. I was at work when I downloaded and played my first mobile “app” game. I was out for coffee with a resident and she couldn’t stop talking about this game called “Tiny Village”. She was eagerly clicking on all the coins and shops when we got wi-fi at Starbucks. This was about a week before the accident. So I downloaded the game and tried it. I created some houses, got villagers, and upgraded my Rock. I was moving up in the world of Tiny Village. I even got to the point where I could hatch dinosaurs from a pen (it only cost 250 gold for a random one). I was just learning about fusing dinosaurs when the accident occurred. What was I going to do without my inspiration from the resident. I downloaded this game so we could have something fun to chat about… and I’m a gamer 😉 I put the game aside for the first few days and then when I could stay alert enough to look at my phone, I started tapping again!

Tiny Village

So…after I started to feel fully addicted to my Tiny Village. I was taking photos and uploading them on twitter. I was amazed with how quickly I could progress through the game and how much there was to do. Silly little goals and instant rewards of gold and crystals! I think I spent about 80 crystals without even realizing it :/ I was just “tap” “tap” happy! Typically the crystals cost “real” money if you want to have an abundance of them. For my purpose, I didn’t care so I wasn’t going to start buying extras for a game I was newly addicted to. See, I have control over my addiction!

I leveled up!! – Tiny Village

That’s what I thought until a girlfriend of mine suggested that I download “Order Up” on the app store. It’s another free mobile game. The premise is that you take orders, prepare them, and serve them …all with a tap! Ahah, it was another game that I could feel successful at with my current state.

It didn’t stop there. Some of the goals for Tiny Village is to merely download and run a game to earn free crystals (remember you have to pay for them otherwise) …so I was downloading and running the games. But then, if you run them, you get new goals that will give you more crystals if you play the game to a certain level or prefer a specific action in a game. This is where it all went downhill, and I had no choice but to download all the “story” games (restaurant, fashion, bakery, dragons) …and Slots! I’m not even a gambler! I was laying down … tapping away on all these various games in order to push further in my initial downloaded game.

how can you resist the cuteness!?

Restaurant Story

…I’m not going to lie, now that I can sit up and play games on my xbox, my mobile games will have to take a back burner. I love my xbox and can’t wait to have more time and energy for gaming! That said, I can’t promise I won’t load my mobile games occasionally to tap on my coins and order items to sell (virtually). The addiction takes time to wear off!

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