Mar 072013

This DLC was a delightful romp made especially for the fans. It’s the last DLC for Mass Effect 3, thus concluding the trilogy. I have to say my favourite part was the goofy humor. It had great writing, and killer one-liners. I haven’t laughed so hard in a game since Monkey Island. Laughter is the best medicine as they say. This was the comic relief the game so badly needed. The game constantly has you on edge, and is so freaking intense, so this was a nice break from that. Both you and Shepard get to have a little fun.

MINOR Spoilers ahead:

Shepard starts off his/her shore leave with a stellar apartment given as a gift from Anderson. I so want this apartment! It’s huge, sleek, stylish and modern.

Shepard then goes to have lunch with Joker at a popular sushi place, and all hell breaks loose. A warning, then an attack; “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight’s performance is brought to you by random acts of violence.” A new assailant is afoot! I liked that the enemy was unexpected, not whom you’d think it’d be. You find out a little later who it is, but it’s something new and different, and slightly amusing. As the plot unfolds, a surprise twist is revealed. Danger, action, adventure, betrayal, and hilarity ensue!

Matching well with the James Bond kind of feel, is the new gun you pick up. The M-11 Suppressor, a heavy pistol that packs a wallop. So badass! It’s my favourite weapon now.

I also liked the music played throughout every mission. Every detail was brilliant.

After kicking some ass in the main mission, you then get to spend some quality time with your crew, and love interest. On the Silversun strip, you also get to enjoy the Arena combat simulator, the Arcade, and the classy upscale Casino.

I liked dressing up for a night on the town. My date with Garrus was amazing; we danced a sensual, tantric tango while everyone watched!

It’s all about the partying in this DLC. The big party (which I saved for last) came next. Wild and hilarious. The best part: Sheppard’s dancing. The morning after parts were great too. And I didn’t mind waking up next to Garrus :-D. It was great having every character there who survived both your Mass Effect 2 & 3 game. A chance for everyone to get together.

This was by far the best DLC for Mass Effect 3 because it was the most memorable, and the most fun. You can also go back to this part of the Citadel anytime, unlike Omega. It’s definitely worth the price tag of $14.99. It was a deserving end for the fans, and I honestly didn’t want to go back to the Normandy. I got that sad feeling like the end of a great vacation.  It then dwelled on me that this truly was the end, and felt kind of sad about it. This was an emotional roller coaster ride for me, but I loved every minute of it.

I give this DLC a 10 out of 10. I don’t know how it could have been better. Well done to the Mass Effect & Bioware team. If you haven’t played it yet and are far enough in your Mass Effect 3 game, play it now! This one’s for the fans.

“Everyone say Normandy!” (My group photo):

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