Jan 072013

Over the Christmas holidays I had to make time for video games. Considering that is the whole purpose of a holiday for a gamer right?

I picked up a couple games. First was just before the holiday began. I got LEGO Lord of the Rings. I played through about halfway with Julz before I got distracted with the madness of Christmas.

Lord of the Rings is a fantastic LEGO game because it has voice overs, the characters are easy to control, and you get to blow everything up!

The characters actually communicate to each other through a language that makes sense! Instead of the grunts and groans as seen in previous LEGO games (exception: Batman 2, which I haven’t played).

Each member of the fellowship have their own special abilities that you can upgrade throughout the game. Plus you can forge specific weapons so everyone has access to them. When playing co-op, there are different experiences and missions that you get thrown into so that you can carry on working as a team. Frodo likes to do his own thing! Plus it requires team work to complete certain tasks. Personally, I like Sam the most. He can dig and light fires. Gandolf has awesome magic but he’s not a hobbit!

The reaction speed for the controller and your character are great. You press a button and you see an action. And last but not least, you’re in Middle Earth! I’ve personally been to both (in New Zealand) so I was really excited to explore and blow stuff up!! …anything I could hit, roll into, or pound on, exploded with beautiful studs.

The following captures are potential spoilers as they are from the game.

Introduction to Lego Lord of the Rings:

A bit of gameplay during a quest:

Adventures through Middle Earth

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