Feb 052013

All of my friends are crazy, obsessive Kingdom Hearts nerds, like to the extreme. So when I bought my 3DS , I thought I would join their little cult by playing the newest addition in the Kingdom Hearts series, Dream Drop Distance. Considering that these games were all my besties talked about, one would think I would know what to expect. I knew it was an RPG, and that it was based around Disney worlds and characters, but I had no idea of exactly how deep and profound the story truly was. So when I started playing this game, I had absolutely no idea what was going on… That was a bit discouraging at first, but still I fought on. The memento’s included in the story helped connect the pieces considerably, but I still felt like I was missing somethings that were probably important. Anyways, I kept at it , and swore a vow to myself that I would play through every other Kingdom Hearts game, not just because of the immense confusion, but because of the amazing story, inspiring characters, and over riding themes that dominated the kingdom hearts universe. Being a little lost was worth it in the end. This game had been my initial taste of what is one of the most incredible game series of all time!

Dream Drop Distance is the 7th installment in the Kingdom Hearts series, and focuses on Sora and Riku’s Mark of Mastery exam, in which they must help awaken a multitude of parallel universes ,once destroyed by the Heartless, known as sleeping worlds,  protect them them from the evil Xehanort’s wrath (unbeknownst to Sora and Riku) and to become official Key blade masters!  These sleeping world’s are plagued with somewhat adorable monsters known as Dream eaters, revealed in Traverse town to have been released by a mysterious hooded man possibly working with the Organization.  Well most likely working for the Organization. From that world on, they are hunted down by the hooded man’s fellow organization pal’s, Ansem and Xemnas. Although the Dream Eaters are bad guys, you can create some of your own to fight alongside you, which honestly helps quite a bit.

Sora is on the left and Riku is on the right.

Sora is on the left and Riku is on the right.

You play intermittently as Sora and Riku, meaning you play Sora for a certain amount of time before he “drops” , at that point you would then play as Riku for the same amount of time. This can make it difficult to keep a sense of continuity when playing your character, especially during tough boss battles.  And if you drop during a boss battle, you must RESTART at the beginning…

This is an action RPG , so you must fight to level up you character(s). You will be leveling up you dream eaters as well as both Sora and Riku.The more you level up, the stronger you get and the more powerful you get.  It is probably a pretty good idea to keep them at the same level. As you level up your Dream eaters, they can unlock special powers, which help in tough battles and when fighting groups of high level dream eaters.


This ones a good guy!

Another thing worth mentioning are the incredible sleeping worlds and their designs. The settings are all absolutely amazing!  The worlds range from Monstro’s belly to the fantastic battle arena from Tron. My personal favorites are the  World That Never Was, The Grid, and the breathtakingly beautiful Symphony of Sorcery. Aside from having gorgeous and thorough designs, these worlds have lots of room for adventure. They are packed full of stuff to find , little hidden areas to search, and plenty of fun stuff to do.

The Grid

Just one of many beautiful settings…









I can truly say I thoroughly enjoyed this game, It was cleverly structured with a beautiful plot and round characters, intertwined perfectly. Erm… I definitely would recommend playing through the earlier games first, there is a lot of content the mementos just can’t explain right and need to be played to be understood.  If you haven’t already played a Kingdom hearts game….. DOOO IT!

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