May 172013

Bioshock Infinite is a whirlwind of intricate plot design, stunning graphics, and intense action. This 3rd installment of the Bioshock series blows the minds of fans & gamers everywhere.

The graphics are beautiful, and attention to detail is brilliant. It being set in the past (1912), the environment is very creative. Columbia: A city in the sky!

There are times when I just stopped to look around because I didn’t want to miss any of the world’s details. I can’t think of any other game I’ve played where there were so many religious & historical elements and cool metaphors. The themes are certainly unique.

The combat is very intense at times and action packed. There are a variety of guns for you to choose from, and a power called a vigor you can use in your left hand. I personally love the combo of magic and weapons; if I get any chance to have both I will. In order to use your vigor you have to have enough salts (which is like mana), so make sure to stock up in between battles. You can loot stuff from bodies, find items and buy supplies in various vending machines. There are also Infusions you can find throughout the game to boost your health, shields, and salts so make sure to find as many as you can as it helps significantly.

My favourite vigor was the Shock Jockey. Zapp!

There are a variety of different enemies in the game. Very unique in their design and all have tricks to beat them.

The huge battle before the ending scenes is crazy intense. It took me a few tries to beat it and definitely requires strategy. Be prepared!

The camera is first person, so people who tend to get motion sickness have caution. I don’t normally get motion sick in games, but this one took me awhile to get use to. The thing that threw me off the most was the wobbly walking and the floating buildings. If it didn’t have that it would have been fine. You do get used to it eventually though. I found about half way through the game I didn’t notice it anymore. Riding the skylines on the gondola rails can make you dizzy too, but I thought it was super fun!

Character development is well structured throughout the game. Elizabeth’s character is definitely a favourite among gamers. She will try to keep you stocked on things you need during battle. Very useful indeed! She also has a depth to her that is unique and has some pretty cool time ripping powers. She kind of reminded me of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I liked that she was conservative and that her outfits were realistic. I think Elizabeth is an excellent well thought-out character and one of the best female characters in a game.

You also get to learn some things about the main character Booker (which is you), some crazy things, but you also notice changes in him and watch him develop his values. Booker and Elizabeth work very well together.

“”Bring us the girl, and wipe away the debt”. The plot has twists and turns that both surprised and confused me. I was really drawn in about half way and towards the end I couldn’t stop playing. The most confusing part of the plot is the end; there are some crazy things going on in the last half hour or so. Without revealing any spoilers, I’ll just say that my mind was blown when thinking about what the hell just happened lol. However I like that the game has depth and meaning, and a story that you really think about long after. There are things that happened throughout the game I didn’t really understand but when I look back on now it makes total sense. It’s all woven together quite perfectly. A good story is imperative in any game, and this is one of the stronger, most memorable and unique one’s I’ve ever played.

Some people are saying that this is the greatest game ever made. I disagree, but I can see why they’re saying it. For the type of game it is it has some really strong elements. I personally prefer other games over this one, and different styles of game, but I do appreciate all the hard work put into it. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Play for yourself and decide!

Overall in my opinion this game is definitely worth playing, especially if you’re a Bioshock fan. There is no need to play the other Bioshock’s first because the story and characters are completely separate. It was a thrill ride that kept me entertained till the very end. I give it a 9/10.

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