Apr 192013

What can a gamer whip together quickly that is healthy and tastes great?

For me, this typically looks like eggs. Anything to do with eggs is the quick and easy. For example, last nights dinner was veggie fajitas. There were some left over peppers so I refried those with a scrambled egg and smothered it in hot sauce. I was actually able to play a couple levels of TMNT while the food sizzled away. And alas, a healthy, quick, and deliciously breakfast that doesn’t interfere with gaming.

I’m not a fan of microwaved dinners. Mainly because they taste gross and I don’t own a microwave. All of the food I eat has to be easily prepared or eaten raw because there isn’t enough time to cook huge fancy meals. I would rather eat pizza cold the next day (with hot sauce) than stick it in the oven to warm up. I think its great!

On the note of pizza …one of my staple foods is home made salsa. I chop up:

1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1/2 red onion

5 Roma tomatoes

1 bunch of cilantro

2 jalapeños

This all goes in a bowl and I eat it with most meals. First, nachos. Who doesn’t love a fresh salsa with nachos! Then I will add it to eggs …it’s lovely. And when it’s lived a couple days in my fridge, I will make Indian pizza:

get some naan bread

Use a butter chicken sauce

Add the salsa to the pizza

Smoother with grated cheese

Top with a few banana peppers

Bake for a few mins and a lovely dinner is waiting to be gobbled up! I’m sure there loads of other yummy foods that are quick easy and delicious. If you want to share your favourite, I would love new ideas! My email is midnitefaery@epicgamergirl.com or you can leave a comment here.

Happy gaming! …and munching 😉

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