Apr 242012

After attending the Emerald City Comicon in Seattle, I was stoked to check out the Vancouver Fan Expo. I didn’t have much time in Seattle to look at the various booths, or admire what the con had to offer …so this time I would dedicate my time to exploring the Epic Nerd Fest! …and that it was!




Upon walking up to the Vancouver convention center, there were about 10 people dressed in costume dancing in front of a second story window. It looked rather inviting! We walked into the building and immediately I had to stop and ask people to take a photo with them. I love costumes! I really want to find one to wear to PAX Prime in August. The first photo was with a couple girls dressed up as anime game characters. They looked like they belonged in Final Fantasy but it was something completely different. The girls were super keen about the game and were telling me how there are over 100 characters now and how it keeps expanding. If only I could remember what it was called!?

I managed to catch one panel with some Star Trekkie people. I am honestly not a Trekkie, but I appreciate how much my companions are :/ …I just wanted to look at the comics, costumes, toys, and exhibits!

The Hulk (Lou Ferrigno) was there …as was Adam West (Batman)! I really wanted to see Malfoy (Tom Felton) but he had to cancel due to filming. It was amazing to walk up and shake hands with the Hulk. That totally made my day! 😀

After the convention we went to Mahony & Sons for dinner and drinks while watching the Canucks last game of the playoffs (…this year).

I heard announcements for exhibitors to secure their booths for the Vancouver Fan Expo next year! I’m super excited that the convention is finally held somewhere local to me!


Who doesn't love a little T-man? 😉

No wonder he was casted for the Hulk! He is the perfect guy for the job! 😀

His costume was too creepy not to take a photo with! He was actually growling in my ear ... kinda made me giggle!

I <3 Shredder's henchmen! I can't believe this picture made it onto the Vancouver Fan Expo Facebook page as well! Epic.

This one was taken for my beautiful friend G who couldn't make it to Vancouver for the covention...and she loves the Suicide Girls!!

…there are many more photos, which you can check out at Epic Gamer Girl

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