Aug 282012

Rock Band Blitz has finally been released!!!

This was my pre-played opinion of Rock Band Blitz:

I don’t know if I am more excited to have 25 new songs for Rock Band 3 or to play the new Blitz game. I am a huge fan of Rock Band, but honestly, Blitz looks like a fancy version of Rock Band Unplugged (PSP). I played Unplugged for many hours while commuting to/from work. It’s not a new concept to me. Switching between the instruments with the controller triggers and playing the music notes with the controller buttons (A, B, X, Y). Unless I’m missing some crucial gameplay element, I think that’s the basis of it.

It could be beyond Epic! …anything is possible, right?


I was fortunate enough to play Rock Band Blitz before it was released so I’ve experienced what the game has to offer.

First off: It’s ROCK BAND!

Okay, if that doesn’t make it awesome by itself …let’s look at some of the perks and downfalls.


Game Play:

Rock Band Blitz is similar to Unplugged. You have instrument tracks to alternate between and there are only 2 notes on each track (instead of 4). The way to get points is to use your Blitz Power and Power-Ups to your advantage. It doesn’t matter if you hit all the notes or not, you just need to keep your instruments leveled up so they collect power.

New & Exciting Additions:

There are a lot of Power Ups to unlock throughout the game. I am not going to spoil it by telling you all of them, but my favourites so far are “Pinball”, “Band Mate”, and “Super Drums”. If you hit the glowing notes or purple notes you will activate these powers. Plus, if you have Super Drums selected, you will automatically get more points for drums!

The Score Wars that you can initiate on Rock Band Blitz are fun! Make sure you select your Power Ups so you can get the best score possible. Everyone that has even a small competitive streak will enjoy this feature! All of your battles are stored in your Message section. You can see how many times it’s taken to beat your competition or in my case, how much you are failing.

Blitz emphasizes the Rock Band community and supports team building and of course healthy take-downs! In Blitz you can work together to accomplish Goals and you can battle against others.

Load Time for Blitz vs. RB3

The first load for Rock Band Blitz took forever! I have around 1850 Rock Band 3 songs so I figured it would a while. It was about 30 minutes …BUT that only happened once. The load time now is way quicker than RB3. For a morning quickie, Rock Band Blitz will be a top pick!

Rock Band World:

I heard about this Rock Band World on Twitter. I had no idea what it was until I played Blitz. Basically, you get to connect your Blitz experience with your friends on Facebook. This is where you can connect with people who are currently playing Rock Band! You have “Goals”, “Songs”, and “Score Wars”. You don’t have to connect Rock Band Blitz to Facebook but it’s there as an extra feature.

Rock Band World connects your Blitz experience to your Facebook world!

You can see how you rank next to your Facebook & Xbox friends and decide if they are worth a Score War or a friend removal 😉 Your Score Wars are also visible on RBW and you can see how many are in progress, won, or lost!

On Rock Band World, you can also complete Goals and be rewarded with extra coins to use in Rock Band Blitz. You can do solo goals, team up with friends, and work as a larger community to achieve that shiny gold!

I just finished the Solo Metal Goal

It would be cool if you clicked on “Visit Rock Band World” in the Messages section of the game and you were automatically connected to Facebook. Maybe that’s something the wonderful people at Harmonix are working on.

Problems with RBW and Score Wars.

I’ve timed out on a couple Score Wars because I didn’t know they were there. Pay attention to your “Messages” section to know when you’ve been invited to battle against your friends!


Not only is Rock Band Blitz $15 for a whole new game, 25 songs playable on both Rock Band Blitz and Rock Band 3 …but you can also connect and battle through Facebook’s Rock Band World.


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