Jul 222012

This review will encompass both Mass Effect DLC, Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station. Each DLC will receive a separate grade, but it makes sense to review them together since they are both rather short.

Bring Down the Sky

The Normandy approaches the asteroid hurtling towards Terra Nova.

Bring Down the Sky is an additional mission for Mass Effect, and it’s a great one. Batarian terrorists have hijacked an asteroid and are planning to crash it into one of the most populated human colonies, Terra Nova. It is up to Shepard to stop the terrorists, but the clock is ticking.

This DLC is everything that a Mass Effect mission should be. It’s action-packed, riveting, and adds a new and exciting dimension to the lore of the game. There is even a new big decision for Shepard to make, which gives the DLC that BioWare quality gamers are looking for. Fans of Mass Effect should not miss Bring Down the Sky.

Grade: 10/10

Pinnacle Station

Shepard selects a simulation.

Pinnacle Station, the second Mass Effect DLC, is unfortunately not as good as its predecessor. This DLC adds a space station to the game where Shepard can take a crew and practice combat in simulations. There are multiple simulations with multiple goals, and some decent prizes to go along with beating all of the simulations in the top spot, but ultimately this DLC feels like BioWare just wanted to add some more content to the game without having any good ideas about what it should be. There’s no additional story, and the DLC is repetitive, allowing for only limited enjoyment. Although hardcore Mass Effect fans like myself will want to partake, this DLC leaves a lot to be desired otherwise.

Grade: 6/10

And that’s all the DLC for Mass Effect. One is great, one not so much, but the quality of the DLC doesn’t change the fact that Mass Effect is a great game all on its own, and shouldn’t be missed.

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  One Response to “DLC Review: Mass Effect”

  1. IronKnuckle

    Well it sounds like Bring down the sky is a pretty good addition to the actual game. It really does suck that game companies sometimes release subpar content just to make a quick dollar. Gamers need better quality content!