Jan 272012

I found this song while looking through the Rock Band Network. With a name like “Bra Off Party On” how could I resist!?! …and it’s actually pretty sweet!

Oh, and the band’s name is: Thunderdikk. Epic.

The totally awesome CHK Substance was rocking out on the bass and I failed nicely on vocals 😉

Day 18: Thunkerdikk: Bra Off Party On {Rock Band 3}

As a part of my new 30 Day Youtube Video challenge.

…if you want to capture with me, send a message on twitter @themidnitefaery or xbox GT Midnite Faery

You can follow the Challenge at http://www.youtube.com/themidnitefaery

ps. I’m slightly slack when it comes to capturing and uploading … so there might be a couple days in between each upload 🙂 …or mass uploads all at once!

Thanks for putting up with me and still checking the videos out!!

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸

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