Aug 252012

My Experience at Geek Girl Con 2012:

My overall experience at this con was quite positive. It was my first time doing volunteering as well as attending as press. I feel like it gave a good look behind the scenes. I met a lot of cool & geeky people, and the environment was quite laid back & friendly/positive. I think the idea behind the con was great. Celebrating the female geek in a variety of genres – video games, science fiction, fantasy, math & science. Being a female geek myself it was nice to meet others like me, who have similar interests.

In terms of the con itself,  it was quite small compared to others I’ve been to. I would like to see it expanded a bit more next year with more exhibits, more vendors and more female celebrities.

The Midnite Faery and I volunteered in the gaming rooms on the Saturday, and it was a good opportunity to chat with other gamers. The representatives for EA Games & PopCap were very friendly & informative. The games featured were Mass Effect 3, Battlefield 3, Sims 3, Plants Vs. Zombies & Peggle. Next year, I would like to see more games featured by EA. I know their portfolio is bigger than what they presented.

I loved the various cosplay at this con. It’s one of the key components of full frontal nerdity!

BigFish Games was on the upper level and they were showcasing some of their casual games for IOS. The representatives were very friendly and it seems like they really enjoy their jobs. They mentioned that 85% of their customers were female, so they are very interested in the female gaming perspective. This was exciting news!

Justin (left) and Conor (Right)

I met a lady from NASA, she had a booth, and I chatted to her about their space program – the solar dynamics observatory – which helps to predict space weather, solar flares in particular. It’s their eye on the sun. I think it was really neat she was there to share that information with us. She was a smart science geek!

The vendors room had a good variety of geeky merchandise, and had some really cool people there!

The Midnite Faery and I attended a meet & greet on the Sat evening to chat with other volunteers, staff members, press & media. It was nice to just hang out, play pool & have a drink. This is where we got interviewed for the Vancouver Sun! I was not expecting the article to be as a big as it was, but I love the photo of us, and that we actually got quoted!

The panels we attended were “Geek Girls for Good” and “Women in Gaming”. I thought the “Women in Gaming” panel was quite informative & interesting. The women on the panel had various jobs in the gaming industry, and it was neat to see their perspective as a woman in the industry. Was interesting to know that sexism against females in gaming has gone down quite a bit in the last 10 years.  It seems like men are becoming more accepting of girls in that field, and girls interested in gaming. In my experience, the males in my life have been very accepting of my gaming interests & other nerd qualities.  I remember liking video games at a young age, so it always just felt normal to me.

I had an awesome time at this con with the Midnite Faery & I hope to attend more cons in the future as press! I would like to connect more with the gaming community in general & get more exposure for Epic Gamer Girl.

Geek Girls Unite!

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