Aug 202012

The epic battle continues with PLANTS VS ZOMBIES 2!!!

Every zombie loves to have a little nibble of the gooey brainzzz that awaits them across the lawn. It’s your job to protect those precious jewels! Get your sunflowers ready and set up the barracks!

Are you prepared!?

Don’t get too excited yet! The new and improved Plants vs. Zombies 2 isn’t released until the Spring of 2013. Wait …what am I talking about!? Mark your calendars and get ready to stop those buggers from eating your brainzzz!!

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  2 Responses to “Mooorrrr Brainzzz”

  1. IronKnuckle

    A sequel? Woo Hoo!!!

  2. LadyAether

    I can’t wait for this one! I beat the first one, and I even earned all the achievements, so I need more zombies to defend against! 😉