Jun 242012

When you get a game, do you play it all the way through? Sometimes I get distracted and a great game ends up on my shelf. Has that happened to you? …if not, I want your life! On too many occasions I have left games half-way completed. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 was subject to that fate. In November 2011 I received it as a birthday gift. After a couple hours of blowing stuff up, I got distracted with Skyrim and LEGO HP made its way to the shelf.

I came across this game again while organizing my game shelf. I actually had to check my achievements to see if I completed it already. I’ve played through all the other Harry Potter games (LEGO and not), so they often become meshed together. The story is the same after all! Turns out that I had made it through Year 5. Hmmm…that meant there was a few good years left to complete.

If you’ve played any LEGO game, you know the basic principle: blow up everything! You can shoot, roll, hit, and jump into almost anything to make it explode with studs! That’s what makes the LEGO games excellent for children. It’s instantly gratifying! Honestly, that’s one of the things I love about LEGO games as well!

When you start HP: Years 5-7, you pretty much continue where the 4th year left off. Harry Potter is alongside Dudley, his arch-nemesis from the muggle world. They are at the playground and have to find their way home. There’s no way they can avoid being stopped by dementors along the way!

A few cute LEGO cutscenes and a lot of magic will be a part of your adventure. I’m not one to give away the story …but if you’re read the books or watched the films, you will find the game covers all the key moments! You will go to Hogwarts, Grimmauld Place, the Ministry of Magic and Godric’s Hollow.

There are a few things that you can’t do in each level unless you have the right character. Which extends the length of gameplay. There are glistening black and red objects that only dark wizards can open. There are Weasley boxes that only a Weasley can open. There are huge silver locks and statues that require knowledge of advanced spells. Only Harry speaks parceltongue, so he needs to talk to the snakes to open certain doors and move forward in the game. Hermione is the only character that can interact with the bookshelves. Some of the characters can transform into animals, which is needed when climbing through tubes and digging up items. The game requires you to unlock characters and purchase them with your hard earned studs so you can find all the extras.

I still haven’t managed to find all the pieces for a House Crest or all the Gold Bricks. I will likely play through the levels on quickplay a few more times. Until I have the huge amount of studs needed to purchase Voldemort. Who wouldn’t want to run through 3 years at Hogwarts as the notorious dark lord?!? The key to collecting studs is: unlocking the Red Boxes! There are score multipliers that will increase your stud intake!

My overall experience of LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 is brilliant! I love LEGO games and Harry Potter so I get a kick out of everything that the game includes. Being the cheeseball that I am, there are a couple quirky moments that made the game topnotch! I couldn’t stop laughing when a skeleton started dancing like Michael Jackson

…or when Professor Snape takes a quick coffee break!

…and of course seeing the whole crew of Dumbledore’s Army after slaughtering the notorious Voldemort.

The controls for Years 5-7 are smoother than Years 1-4. Your magic is easier to control and you can shoot at objects faster. The graphics are a bit crisper, but don’t expect it to look like Skyrim …it is LEGO!

I would highly recommend playing this game because it’s a lot of fun and it’s quickly rewarding with studs and achievements! If it’s collecting dust on your game shelf …give it a quick wipe and go! If you haven’t bought it yet …go to Best Buy and pick it up because it’s only $20 and totally worth it! 😀

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