Aug 172012

Once a month, GHComm is hosted online. This Friday August 17th (tonight) it’s happening on Xbox; Saturday August 18th is on PS3; Sunday August 19th is on Wii. It’s really easy to join in the fun. All you need to do is PLAY Guitar Hero! If you want to connect live with other rockers, just send out a tweet using the hashtag #GHComm. In no time you will connect with other people ready to get their rockage on!

This is the first time since January that I am participating in a Band Vs. Band. Do you know what that means? There are enough people playing Guitar Hero at the same time in order to coordinate this. It began with 8 people connecting on twitter though the hashtag #GHComm.

We all joined the same party on XboxLive.

@TheMidniteFaery @socko25 @kitlerc and @DoofiestDoofz vs. @Bryan2Blazed @PikminGuts92 @Delibird444 and @crash53456

One of the band names was “Bacon Bandage”. Totally Epic! 😀 It was interpreted as “Bacon Bondage” >.<

Bacon Bondage #GHComm @pseudopseudo

For about 20 minutes we tried to connect to the servers so it could connect the bands. It was just searching and searching. We couldn’t figure out if it was the host or the GH servers.

We ended switching to Quickplay …and it was beautiful, magical, ROCKAGE session!

@Kitlerc @socko25 @Delibird444

I wonder how we could add some “Goodness” to the #GHComm night. Maybe I can give some Guitar Hero games away to people who don’t have them? Let me know if you want to play but can’t because you’re missing the game!! I will organize a give away for next September’s #GHComm (or maybe a few days before you can participate too!). Leave a comment here with your Guitar Hero game (Warriors of Rock or Smash Hits) AND your console.

I will be participating in #GHComm on the PS3 tomorrow. Will you be there? My PSN is MidniteFaery

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