Jul 292012

The 2nd month of Gamer Photo A Day is ready …are you!?

As of today, there are 500+ photos on Instagram and hundreds more uploaded to Twitter. This month we are introducing a couple new changes. The name for the hashtag is shorter (the month is not included), and there is a weekly photo challenge. Plus, ALL photos uploaded to Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags will be posted to Epic Gamer Girl: Photo Challenge.

How to Participate:

Look at the Daily Topics and take a picture of something that resembles it.

It doesn’t matter what you take a picture of or how you see the “topic” just have fun with it! There is no “right” or “wrong” way to participate.

After you take your picture, upload it to Twitter or Instagram.

Remember to use the hashtag #GamerPhotoADay on Instagram and Twitter!

**** You will notice that we’ve added something new for the month of August. It’s a Gamer Photo A WEEK. This way people that can’t participate daily can still upload a photo a week to be a  part of the fun! Look for the topics with the *

*5. HighScore

*12. Gun

*19. GameCollection

*26. Musicalinstrument

People participating in the Gamer Photo A Week will post by August 5th, 12th, 19th, and 26t; which is always a Sunday.

The topics with the * are for BOTH the “daily” challenge and the “weekly” challenge. When you are doing the WEEKLY photo challenge, use the hashtag #GamerPhotoAWeek

If you’re doing the “daily” challenge, you can double hashtag: #GamerPhotoADay AND #GamerPhotoAWeek

…remember that you don’t need to include the month in the hashtag because that was super long.

It’s #GamerPhotoADay …and #GamerPhotoAWeek

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