May 252012

This game is absolutely mind blowing.

I downloaded the demo to see what all the fuss was on twitter and I was pleasantly surprised by the confused attraction I had to the game.

The demo is about 5 minutes. That’s really all it takes to decide if this game is for you.

For me, there was an immediate appeal. I am a huge Tetris fan and I love, REALLY love old school Zelda and Mario, so I was hooked after the first twist.

I made it to the top of the cube shaped structure, and a screen popped up to “buy” or “quit”. I posted this picture on twitter, asking what other people would do, when secretly, I had pressed X right before posting the picture 😉 Shhh…

If you try the demo and get to this point ...what would you choose?

My first impression of the game was that the graphics sucked. Sorry, it’s true. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to matter. The crappy graphics in Fez play such a vital part to the overall experience.

Potential spoiler alert**

After completing the first tower (in the full game), I honestly thought it had crashed my system. I was kinda pissed that that I spent my hard earned Microsoft Points (…and potential Rock Band songs) on a game that killed my xbox. The tool that I can be, I even posted to twitter that Fez crashed >.<

After the game loaded (again), I couldn’t stop smiling. I sent out a quick **correction to my tweet bashing Fez and went straight back into the game.

As for game play, you’re basically a little blob dude that walks around his world in search of shattered golden cubes. There are 32 cubes split up amongst his world. Some are hidden in houses, fireplaces, behind walls, and other various places. There are treasure maps and chests. There are even anti-cubes! …basically cubes that are hidden a million times better than the golden ones. You will need keys to open doors and occasionally bombs will do the trick!

The best part of the game is that the whole world spins. It is a cube. You have to shift your view to see where to move next or what treasure is lurking around the bend. You’re never completely stuck, but it often feels like it. When you’re standing on a platform and you shift your view, you can walk around the platform to get in front of it. If you shift in front or behind a doorway, suddenly you’re on the other side. If you’re standing near a chest and you want to open it, you have shift around so you’re in front of it. Sounds confusing? …nah, it’s actually quite brilliant.

I have only just begun this adventure. I’ve spent maybe an hour exploring what the game has to offer. My opinion so far is that Fez is the BEST xbox arcade game I’ve bought since Braid or Super Meat Boy! Plus, it’s only 800 points 🙂

Fez. Go. Buy. It... and play it 😉

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