Aug 162012

It’s that time of year! Extra Life 2012 is up and ready to start collecting donations for your local hospitals. For the past 4 years Extra Life has been helping children through the creation of their “Gaming Marathon”. Last year alone 1.2 MILLION dollars was raised for Children’s Hospitals in North America. By playing video games for 24 hours and getting sponsorships, you will be able to help children. I can’t think of a better event to participate with!

Extra Life happens once a year so I can handle staying awake all night eh!? In order to participate, I need to book time off work so that I can play all day (Saturday October 20th). Fortunately I am already off on Sunday/Monday so I will have loads of time to catch up on sleep. It might be easy for some people to play video games for 24 hours, but it’s a HUGE challenge for me. I love sleeping! I will need to stock up on Starbucks, Rockstars, and of course new DLC for Rock Band and the 50% off DLC for Guitar Hero. Most of the time I will be rocking out! 😉 I will try to get my stream up and running through Twitch.TV so that you can watch as I struggle through staying awake! I will be good for about 18 hours …but the last 6 are brutal!

Last year, I managed to collect $270.50 and the year before was $341 in donations that went directly to the BC Children’s Hospital. This year I am raising the goal to $500 and hoping to collect a bit more to help out children in need.

Please check out my Participation Page and help by sponsoring my epic 24 hours of gaming for charity!! Anything that you can help with will make a difference!

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