Jun 252012

So for last Christmas I received Epic Mickey (Collector’s Edition) for the Wii, and it took me a couple of months to actually go and play it. My lack of motivation for playing this game stems from my distaste of any movie/cartoon licensed games due to their poor quality and repetitive game play. After playing this game for five minutes I already began kicking myself for not starting this epic adventure much sooner!

Doesn’t get any more epic!


The story begins with Mickey adventuring into his mirror. Mickey finds a paint brush and a miniature in which he begins to paint. However, something goes wrong when Mickey accidently knocks over a can of thinner that spills onto the small world. Mickey quickly retreats from the mirror and returns to his bed. We fast forward in time and Mickey is suddenly taken from his bed and brought into the miniature world by a black monster. After being sucked into this barren world Mickey finds out that this place is called Wasteland. It is a place where forgotten Walt Disney cartoons live. It is from here that the actual game begins, and Mickey embarks on his quest to either repair or continue to flood Wasteland in a pool of destructive paint thinner.


Create with paint, or remove with thinner.

The game is a third person platformer. The main game mechanic revolves around the use of Mickey’s magical paint brush. With his magical paint brush he can choose to either create objects with paint or destroy them with thinner. Not only are these abilities vital to the actual game play but they are also integrated into a moral system. What I mean is that in some situations Mickey will have the choice to defeat enemies covering them in paint or disintegrating them with thinner. Mickey’s actions whether good or evil actually affect the ending, don’t worry I won’t spoil anything!


You mad bro?

The visuals are fantastic. I would rank this as one of the more pleasing visual titles for the Nintendo Wii. The designers decided to go with a more traditional look for Mickey which makes him fit in with all the other “forgotten cartoons”. The setting for Wasteland is very tragic and really emphasises the pain and misery that felt by the characters in the game. There are also 2D side scrolling levels in between areas that add a mix to the game play. They are very fun, but become a little tedious when going in between different areas. Overall, the graphics and character design are impressive and really bring out the best of the Wii’s capabilities.

Looks gorgeous on the Wii.

Besides the main story mode there are also medals that can be collected. They can be found scattered throughout a certain level in usually hard to find areas. You can also receive medals by completing side quests for certain characters. The morality system I was explaining earlier also comes into play in finding medals. Usually doing something good for a character will yield a medal, whereas ignoring or mistreating characters will instead result in you getting money.

There are plenty of side quests; however, it’s your choice whether to help anyone out or not.

So far I have only been praising this game, but there are a few flaws that cannot go unnoticed. The first is the games camera. It is simply horrible. It is very hard control because in some areas the camera will remain fixed in a bad spot which will result in some hard jumps or some unfortunate leaps of faith. Another problem is the reticule for aiming Mickey’s paintbrush. It is often very finicky and will sometimes be hard to aim. Also there are times where you have a combined situation of both a bad camera angle and an uncontrollable brush reticule, which results in major frustration. Also the inability to access some previously completed areas will require you to play the entire game over again just to require overlooked medals. As well, the game does also become a little repetitive by the end.

Steamboat Willie!

Epic Mickey is a great game despite its flaws. The graphics are beautiful, the story is enticing, and the interactions and choices you can make are very cool.  Even though the camera is frustrating this is defiantly a very unique title. If you own a Nintendo Wii, then I would suggest you pick up this title.

Happy Gaming!

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  1. Your write up is fantastic!! I want to buy a Wii just to play this game! 😀 …also, welcome to Epic Gamer Girl <3