Jun 252012

It means you’re an Epic Gamer & a Girl! No other requirements necessary!

For girls at Epic Gamer Girl, we want to know what games you’re playing, what you like or don’t like about them, how you’ve incorporated gaming into your life, and anything else that you want to share about being a gamer and a girl.

@firedragon1087 (left) and @midnitefaery (right) at Vancouver Fan Expo

For guys using this site, don’t worry …we love you 😉 Epic Gamer Girl is a place where you can see how a girl feels about video games and the gaming community, and where you can connect to play games with some pretty Epic Gamers! There’s also a Community Page if you want to share your own opinions or experiences …cause we believe in Epic Gamer Guys too!

We understand that video games are the core passion that links the community together, and we want to get to know you! What other activities do you participate in, what television shows are you following… Basically anything that you’re interested in and want to share, we want to be a part of that!

Please feel free to contribute to this site as much as you want! It was created to share thoughts and connect gamers! 🙂 We love comments and we will reply to you on here!

@midnitefaery (middle) trying on dresses for PAX Prime!

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