Jun 232012

Congrats to Bryan2Blazed from Twitter!! He just won the latest giveaway from Epic Gamer Girl.

This was my 2nd round of giveaways on twitter/Facebook. I have extra game stuff that I don’t use or have collected along the way cause it was a “good deal”. I’m not sponsored nor do I get stuff from game companies to giveaway. I do the giveaways because I like to have fun with the people on my gaming community!

Not to say I would deny sponsorship or gifts to giveaway if I was offered! 😉

The first time I did a “gaveaway”, I sent out 4 copies of The Beatles Rock Band. I bought them from the Superstore for a “good deal” when they were clearing out their stock. I have a couple more xbox Beatles games that I can giveaway. The way people won that giveaway was by helping me reach 850 followers on twitter. It was a lot of fun to welcome new people into my twitterverse and ship games to people.

This time I was trying to reach a 1000 followers on twitter. Why is that important to me? …because I never thought it would happen! I didn’t even want a twitter account but an old girlfriend of mine (KR) convinced me that it’s fun. I’ve since found twitter quite addictive and inspiring. I love meeting people from all over the world who are passionate about video games.

After reaching a 1000 followers I decided I would do a “gaming” giveaway. I don’t have a stock of stuff, and I didn’t want to limit who could win, so I didn’t say what the package was. Just that it would contain 1 Xbox360 or Playstation3 game and some goodies 🙂

The conditions were pretty simple. Just RT (re-tweet), like, quote, or favourite a tweet that I posted containing the picture of my beautiful 1000 followers. People could do this through twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

I set a time limit of about 3 hours and did reminders when it was getting close to closing. At 7pm (my time) I collected all the names and wrote them out. Each name was numbered and then I took a picture and posted it online. I was super excited to get comments about peoples numbers and I decided to record a video clip of me picking the winner. A couple friends noted that I could use an online program that automatically selects a random winner, but what fun is that?! This way I was able to include my community in the giveaway and it was fair and fun!

I was nervous about doing a video clip. I just returned from the gym and I was a mess but I couldn’t go back on my word. I turned on my tiny laptop/netbook and started recording. It was only a few seconds so I quickly uploaded it on YouTube and announced that the winner was selected. I look totally sad in the video…but I’m not, it was just nerves! First times are always scary!

I was asked what I got out of doing a giveaway because it wasn’t connected to my website and it didn’t produce anything tangible for me …I would have to say the main thing was fun. It made for an eventful night and I feel more connected to my online gaming community.

I didn’t hear back from the winner until the next morning but he was thrilled to win. Now it is a matter of figuring out what he gets. As promised, one game …and some goodies! It’s a surprise!

I will keep you posted on the next giveaway. To me, it’s not just about the stuff, but the whole process 🙂 This is a sample of the Rock Band goodies I have to give away!

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  1. I just have to say this site totally rocks!! Its great to get reviews of games and aswell see a woman in the gaming community kicking butt!! So way to be Midnite Faery!!