Jul 252012

I’m just going to say it: I am a huge Dragon Ball Z fan. Ever since being a little tyke sitting in front of television at exactly 8:00pm on YTV I have grown a love for the series that has continued on into my adulthood. To sum up the series in a few sentences really does the show no real justice. Your best bet would be to watch and see for yourself one of the most defining and amazing anime cartoons of all time. The show is basically about fighters with super human powers. With these amazing powers they are able to unleash enormous amounts of energy into what the series calls ki. And with over a hundred different characters the series is perfect for fighting game!

So much to do in this content packed game for all those Dragon ball Z fans out there!

This is the third game in the budokai tenkaichi series, and the second dragon ball Z game to hit the Wii. The game was released in the year 2007, so it does look a little outdated compared to other modern games. The game is a third person fighting game with cell shaded graphics. I like this because it stays true to the anime art style and feel. The game features over 150 playable characters! That’s enormous for a fighter! The game also features a story mode, tournaments, local and online multiplayer, and an upgrade system.

The fighting is a little difficult to learn at first, but is very satisfying once you master it

This game features a high octane fighting system that is just plain addictive. Unfortunately it is a little difficult to understand if you are a new player to the series as the training mode is mostly text. It took me at least half an hour to finish reading the entire training section, and by then I was just fed up and wanted to play. There are many controller options that you can use when playing this game just in case you have a certain preference (Wii remote, Classic controller, Gamecube controller).  To simplify the control scheme, you punch with the A button, shoot blasts with the B button, and do mega blasts by holding down a direction on the D pad and moving the Wii remote as if you are really doing the attack! Learning how to do the more complex attacks and chained combos takes a lot of practice, but is totally worth it if you want the full Dragon Ball Z experience.

Shoot blasts powerful enough to destroy an entire planet from the palm of your hand

There is a story mode called Dragon History in which you get to re-enact fights from the anime. This mode is pretty cool and is pivotal if you want to unlock all the characters and special stages in the game. I felt as though the fights were very good, but the actual story telling was a little weak, because they would resort to boring text to tell you what was going on. Besides that complaint the story mode is very fun and pretty long too!

Even though the online multiplayer is lacking you’ll still have fun kicking peoples faces in Dragon History mode

One of my favourite modes in the game is multiplayer. When playing local multiplayer the screen is divided vertically. Unfortunately this does hinder you point of view but is fine after some getting used to. There are a few different modes in which to fight in including singles and tag team matches. Online is probably the weakest part of this entire game. Never before in my life have I ever seen a more laggy server. It is so slow that it is simply unplayable which is very disappointing since it looks like they put a lot of work into player stats and different online match types.

Did I mention that you can transform into a Giant Ape!

As a final verdict for this game I would recommend it to hardcore Dragon Ball Z fans and gamers looking for a good fighter for their Wii. This game is not sold in stores anymore and does go for over $100 bucks new or $50- $60 used which is quite a lot. If you are lucky enough to find this game, many hours of action packed and over the top fighting bliss will be had by all!

I challange you gamers to try this game out if you get the chance!

Happy Gaming!

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