Jul 012012

Dark Void Zero started out as an April Fools prank by Capcom. A trailer was released that showed an NES era style Metroid action platformer. However, Capcom decided to actually make it into a game available for download from the eShop on the 3DS or DSi. I recently downloaded this game, which is now almost two years old. For $4.99 this game is definitely worth my money.

Available for download on your DSi or 3DS for only $4.99

The game is basically what I already described it as: a side scrolling action platformer that is dedicated to the NES era. This game goes so far that it requires me to blow into my 3DS’s microphone to mimic blowing into an old cartridge before I’m even allowed to begin playing, cool huh! The game features three difficulties, so confident in my gaming skills I chose the medium setting and pressed start.

Blowing into your microphone is almost as good as the real thing!

The plot behind this game is very forgettable, but these types of games don’t require too much story since it’s all about the action. Basically you are fighting an alien race in a post apocalyptic universe. Your goal is to destroy portal X and defend Earth. Immediately after the opening cinematic you are put right into the action. You start the game with a simple machine gun. Later on in the game you can obtain a multitude of different weapons including a laser cannon or a rocket launcher. Your guy, named “Rusty”, can also obtain a jetpack that allows you to fly through the level. However in certain areas you will lose your jetpack. In those cases you will have to rely on your platforming skills to navigate the treacherous halls that lie ahead.

The story is generic and wierd

The game has a couple objectives for you to complete as you traverse each level. Your primary goal is to find key cards to locate and defeat the boss at the end of the level. There are also secondary objectives for each level. For example, level one has you searching for five journals that reveal critical information on how to defeat the alien enemies. Another objective is to collect all 100 yellow orbs in each level. By defeating enemies and completing these objectives you can rack up a high score that will be saved onto your SD card.


Pick up weapons and upgrades in order to traverse through the alien bases!

The controls are pretty good. Rusty is able to shoot in multiple directions and is easy to control when jumping and flying around. The levels themselves are very cleaver and the enemies become increasingly difficult to defeat as the game goes on. There seems to be a fairly good variety of enemies to defeat, however I do think they could have expanded a little more. The levels themselves are not the most pleasing to look at as they are NES styled, which in some sense gives it a more sci-fi feel.


Hard as nails!

The game is pretty difficult, even on the medium difficulty. The enemies become stronger as you progress, however not to the point of becoming too overwhelming. The game does not take very long to beat, as it only took me a couple hours to go through it. If you are looking for a quick action packed game reminiscent of the old NES days, then this is a safe bet. Even though the game is short, there is a lot of fun to be had with this new-classic!


Happy Gaming!

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  1. I can’t believe you have to blow into the DS to get the game working! I totally remember doing that with my Nintendo games. My dad would yell at me every time >.< What a uniquely cool feature! 😀