Jul 232012

It’s been a few months since I’ve had a working PC. It was a sad day when my dinosaur died, but it has recently been replaced with an even older (but working) dinosaur! This means that I can capture videos again!! I’ve managed to capture a few but I have to tweak the audio and video a bit still.

I attempted to set up a Twitch account and stream, but apparently my upload speed sucks so I won’t be able to live stream until I contact Shaw (my internet service provider) and request some fancier internet on my account. Can you tell I’m still extremely new at this!? I did install the XSplit program, so it seems I could capture the gameplay and ME playing the game at the same time! Now wouldn’t that be fun!?

Until I am able to live stream, I will be able to upload awesome gaming videos on YouTube.

Check out the newest Paramore video “The Only Exception”

{A huge thank you to The Gaming Vault for rewarding me with the Paramore DLC Pack… you guys rock!}

-Midnite Faery

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  One Response to “Computers, Video’s, and Rockage!”

  1. IronKnuckle

    Glad to hear that you can capture videos again! Hurray 😀