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Hi all! It’s me Firedragon! Remember me? It was a little while back now, but it’s still worth blogging about. Here’s a brief little blog about my adventure in Calgary last April.

Approximately 50,000 nerds united at this weekend event, a three day saga of full frontal nerdity. We arrived there Sat morning just as it was opening, and the crowds were INSANE. We got lost a couple times trying to find the entrance & inside trying to find where we needed to be, haha. I was told we were lucky to get in even though we had purchased advanced tickets online, because some people who even had VIP passes could not get processed or left and could get back in! Anyhow, it was starting to feel like a Woodstock concert for nerds as we battled the crowds with our maces trying to find out where our Patrick Stewart photo op was. Of course we were going to do this first, since we were super excited about it! We literally got stuck in a crowd, people surrounding us on all ends, could barely breath. We asked some people around us what the hell this crowd was for, and they said it was the line to get into the line for Patrick Stewart! Ha! So we randomly got stuck in the exact place we needed to get stuck in! So 2 hours later waiting in line-ups & rationing our supplies, it was time to meet Patrick Stewart! 2 hours of suck to get 2 minutes of awesome as we were herded in & out like cattle. The man, the legend, THE Picard. But I tell you it was worth every minute & every penny.

Fan Cosplay

Line to the entrance

The Patrick Stewart photo op crowd we stumbled into

The official Patrick Stewart photo op line!


So then after some lunch, we proceeded to wait in the next line for the once in a life time opportunity autograph signing of THE ENTIRE CAST OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION – which included: Patrick Stewart, Johnathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Levar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Gates Mcfadden, Denise Crosby & Wil Wheaton.

The result:

The precious

After that, we took a little stroll around the vendors room. It was huge! There was lots of loot to be had & lots of interesting things/people to see.

Transporter pad!

Captains Chair

They were auctioning this off, Piano signed by entire TNG cast

The Delorean!

He was watching us from afar lol

So when we got to our hotel, they gave us a comic con welcome package! We were only there one night, but the room was awesome at the Hotel International Calgary.

Welcome Package

That evening, we attended the TNG reunion show at the Stampede Corral. There was about 7,000 people there & this was a seated event, so it was sold out the same day they went on sale. Which is why we were way in the back lol. The show was great though, was entertaining to see them all interacting with each other & all being together after 25 years. They have a unique friendship & a connection that lasted way beyond the show. Surprise guests included Garret Wang from Voyager & John Delancie! (Q)

TNG Reunion Show

Next day, we started with attending the Futurama panel. Billy West & John De Maggio were frickin’ hilarious & entertaining. They did some character impressions & did a Q & A. Billy West does the voice of Fry, Zoidberg, and the Professor. John De Maggio does the voice of Bender and he was totally like the human bender LOL.

Futurama Panel. Left: Billy West. Middle: John De Maggio

More vendors room fun & bartering followed that.

This was all made of Lego

Hulk Smash!

We got a good deal from him lol

My Nerdrings 🙂


Bat Mobile

More robots

Comics, comics, & more comics

We then took an Amazing Spider-Man #1 replica comic to be signed by THE Stan Lee – Stan the man! It was quite an honor to meet him.

We then ended our day with the Patrick Stewart spotlight. What a great man he is.

Alas we had to go home but our time was well spent & the epic nerd fest that happened that weekend was one I will never forget. There was something for every kind of nerd of all ages.

The stars, the people, and of course, the loot!

The loot!

What will be next?

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