Oct 132012

October 20th is only ONE week away!! It’s a big day for me as I will be gaming for 24 hours to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital.

I plan on starting super early in the morning so I can make it through the night. I will likely set my alarm for 6am. At that point, I will get outta bed and turn on my xbox. Later on during the day, I will be joined by Firedragon1087 and we will spend the day gaming together. I’m open to having other friends join in the fun too!

For 3 years now I have participated in the “Extra Life: Play Games, Heal Kids” Fundraiser. Last year I played various games online and offline. This year I am going to set up a stream (as long as my internet speed continues to like me) and play music games the whole time. It will be an epic day of rockage with Rock Band and Guitar Hero. It’s a really good thing that I have nearly 2000 songs on Rock Band 3. Plus there is a huge 50% off sale if I need more tunes to sing along to.

By donating to my Extra Life page and helping the children at BC Children’s Hospital you will be a part of my epic adventure. YOU get to pick some of the songs that I will be playing and some extra love will go out to you on the live stream!

So far:
@DLocke619 has requested “Black Hole Sun” by Soundgarden.
@geeknumber1 requested “racing” 😛 …not quite music, but I will find a way to do it 😉
@_travellinman requested anything by Green Day.

…I am waiting to hear the requests from other donors.

I can’t wait to get my game on and help raise money for children in need. Thank you for your support and/or sharing this fantastic cause with your friends and family!! 😀

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