Jun 022011

I love it when Xbox decides to feature Rock Band as “Deal of the Week”. You need to get these awesome deals before they’re gone!!

Judas Priest for 800 MSP (regular 1200)

This pack includes:


Devil’s Child


The Hellion/Electric Eye

Pain and Pleasure


Riding on the Wind

Screaming For Vengeance

Take These Chains

You’ve Got Another Thing Coming


Motley Crue for 880 MSP (regular 1280)

This pack includes:

Dr. Feelgood

Slice of Your Pie

Rattlesnake Shake

Kickstart my Heart

Without You

Same Ol’ Situation

Sticky Sweet

She Goes Down

Don’t Go Away Mad

Time for Change


All That Remains for 320 MSP (regular 440)

This pack includes:


This Calling

Two Weeks






Avenged Sevenfold for 320 MSP (regular 440)

This pack includes:



Seize the Day






Ozzy Pack 1 for 560 MSP (regular 800)

This pack includes:

Crazy Babies

Diggin’ Me Down

I Don’t Wanna Stop

Let Me Hear You Scream

No More Tears

Soul Sucker



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  One Response to “Xbox Gold: Deal of the Week”

  1. Oh yay! You found that! I was worried you hadn’t 🙂