Feb 042011

I have been playing games on Xbox Live for 2 years now. The multiplayer games that I’ve played the most are Left 4 Dead and Rock Band, and their sequels of course! Those 2 games are my go-to games whenever I feel the need to sing or kill something. I don’t play games for achievements. As nice as the “bloop” is when I get one, I am not going out of my way to get any. I think my gamerscore is around 16,000. Not too shabby for a girl eh!

The following are some of the other multiplayer games that I have played over the past couple years:

Fable 2 was retarded for multiplayer because you could join online co-op but not interact with the environment or people.

Fable 3 multiplayer was better but it’s an RPG and not really a multiplayer game. There are a couple easy achievements that earn you 30G if you want to get married, have a baby, and buy a business with someone online.

Gears of War 1 & 2 each had their own perks for multiplayer. The campaign was fun for Gears of War 1 online, and I loved played the “hordes” on Gears of War 2.

I have tried “Special Ops” on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. It’s fun, but not something I could do for hours on end. It gets boring after completing a few of them. I suppose the online Mass multiplayer is fun if you like army type shooters. Personally, I’m not a fan.

Which brings me to my new “interest”…Halo Reach. I liked it a lot the first few times I played online because it was all new and exciting, and now it’s just boring. I hate waiting around listening to how great people are and what sort of challenges they need for the day. I know I do the same thing for Rock Band, but still… when I’m the one just listening and not caring, it’s boring. I will keep playing it, mainly for the “slayer” mode and “capture the flag” and perhaps one day I will be one of those boring people! 😉

Risk Factions: is awesome for online play! It is so much fun when you have more than 2 people. I would play that game every day if there were always 5 people to play it. Conquering the world is great fun!

I wish more than anything that Valve would create and distribute some more DLC for Left 4 Dead 2. I love playing this game online because it really requires team work and each experience is slightly different.

It’s fantastic that Rock Band has new songs every Tuesday because it keeps me playing the game! Plus I have some wicked friends that I get to chat with while rocking out.

…as for future games, I can’t wait for Dragon Age 2 and Gears of War 3 to come out!! Until then, I might start playing Oblivion again because I’m feeling the need to play another RPG. I tried Mass Effect, but I’m not a huge science fiction fan so I don’t really get turned on by the space crafts and “futuristic” setting. I will keep playing though, in hopes that the story line draws me in.

That’s about it. If you can suggest any games to play, I would love to hear it! The comments are open here and once approved you can comment on whatever! I <3 comments 🙂 Have a good night!

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  6 Responses to “Xbox Gaming”

  1. I think you need to try some more of the XBLA games like Peggle & Raskulls


    • Peggle is a new suggestion. I haven’t heard of that game before. Is it good for multiplayer? I will totally download the Raskulls demo and hopefully it goes on sale soon cause I would hate to pay full price for another arcade game that goes 50% off a couple weeks later 😛

  2. I think u should give black ops a chance there is lots of different multiplayer game types and there is a zombie mode =)

    • I was seriously considering the purchase of BLOPs. Do you have to finish the campaign before being able to play the zombie mode? … and if so, can you play the campaign with online co-op?

      ps. thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

  3. I don’t know …..I don’t think u have to play the story to play the zombie mode….and no I don’t think the campain is coopable. (That’s a new word I think lol) have you tried any action adventure games?? I just started playing god of war 3 and its awesome so far 😉 dantes inferno is great too !

  4. Zombie mode on Black Ops is available right away, no need to beat the game.

    What did you think of Dead Rising 2 online? It’s easily one of my favorite online co-op games. Also, I want to try Risk online so next time you want to play, send me an invite and Ill jump on 🙂