Apr 172011

Video Games Live came to Vancouver April 13th & 14th. I went to the show on the 14th. I just have to say if you are nerdy & love video games you should definately check out this show atleast once. Its about the experience. The crowd is super nerdy & enthusiastic. There were these little kids dressed up as the toadstools from Mario which was super cute. While some of it felt a bit juvenile & cheesy, they definitely make a point that video games is not just for younger kids. Also the orchestra is very talented. It is a different set list every time they have a show so it will definitely not be the same for everyone. The guy who hosts it is the founder & he used to be on the show EP Daily & Reviews on the Run (Tommy Tallarico). He also rocks out on his spider-man electric guitar when the song calls for it. There were some songs I appreciated more than others, only because it depends on what you’ve played and what older games you connected with back in the day. The ones I liked the best was God of War, Uncharted 2 & Final Fantasy 7.

Martin Leung was a highlight, if you haven’t seen him on YouTube before definitely check him out. He plays various Mario brothers tunes on the piano blindfolded!

Another highlight was this very talented girl (can’t remember her name) who sang some opera but was also a very good flautist. She did a cute skit dressed up as Link & played some cool Zelda tunes.

They are quite interactive with the audience & give away a bunch of cool game prizes. For example there was a contest between 3 people playing Frogger to get a prize & a guy who had to get 250 000 points on expert in Rockband to get an XBOX Kinect.

If I were to rate this concert, I would give it an 8/10.

If you’re interested, check out their site to see where they are touring next:


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  1. Nice! I’m going to Anime Expo in La this July. I’ll definitely have to give everyone coverage from there!