Apr 032011

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t written much lately, I’ve been busy with a production of Bye Bye Birdie (a musical) I’m in. However, I should be able to write a review of the Nintendo 3DS soon! I’m sort of waiting on the update that will include the Internet Browser and 3DS store though; I prefer to write reviews about products after they’ve gotten their feet on the ground, so to speak. I will however say that I’m quite pleased with what the system has so far, so expect a very positive review!

I’ll make sure I get SOMETHING new in here by the end of the week, 3DS related or not!

Anyway, I wish you all happy gaming!


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  One Response to “An update from Kazu!”

  1. LadyAether

    Sounds cool! I’m excited to hear about the 3DS, even I can’t afford one right now. LoL I still have a ton of regular DS games to play. :/