Mar 082011

Sims 3 on xbox failed. At least that was my first impression. I tried to create my virtual self. Characteristics, likes, dislikes, ambitions, goals… it was all there. I bought a furnished house, which left me a couple hundred dollars to play with. Not too shabby to get started. I found a job in the newspaper and started living out my “sim life”.

I played for about 30 minutes before I got bored of watching my sim get up, go to work, use the bathroom, have a shower, and eat. BORING! I took the disc out of my xbox and switched games. I also wrote a very critical review on the game. Which can be found in my first Gaming & Giving Back Challenge on Day 23.

A couple months later (ie. now) I decided I would look for a “cheat” to get more money. Why on earth would I want to play a game where my virtual self is worse off than my real self. Nah… I want complete control and excess happiness 😉

A friend on twitter told me about the cheats, so I tried it and created a YouTube video to show anyone else how to get it. Diaspora World offered to put their original music on the video, which is stunning in itself.

The cheat was brilliant. I got an easy $50,000 with one quick click. I smashed down the house my sim was living in and built up a glamorous one. I furnished each room with everything my sim deserved and more! This time, there would be no work, just leisure and skill building.

…but that got boring quickly too.

Hmm. Maybe my problem was that I only had ONE sim person. I started a new family and made 2 people. Housemates. The characters: Midnite Faery and Kira Sirdud.

I decided to buy the cheapest furnished house and get them both to work asap. Might be fun to have a couple people. So when someone is at work, I still have someone else to “play” with. The furnished house came with one double bed. hmmm…that meant I could either spend money I didn’t have or I could help my housemates fall in love. Awe, that sounded so much better!

Their romance started with some cuddles on the couch. And a quick kiss! …which oddly enough I got 5G for. Uhm ok? They got hungry and tired so it was time to start moving a bit “faster”. Soon enough they were “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” and had little hearts. They were fine sleeping the the same bed. Great! Mission accomplished.

Until, work was super draining and both sims were feeling stressed out. I figured a good “woohoo” should cheer them both up!

Sure enough it did and I got 40G. Haha! Epic!

I didn’t get much further in the game, but it is way more fun when you have more than one sim to “play” with. Maybe I will make a whole family and cheat so they all succeed. Who wants to watch their creations fail?! O.o


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  2 Responses to “Sims 3: Cheats & Gameplay”

  1. Sweet! Glad to know that it worked, and that you had fun! I personally never tried any Sims game in my life, but I some search saved my face. 🙂

  2. Midnite Faery

    Well… you sounded like a pro! 😉 Thanks for the information and it did make the game more fun in terms of buying and building! No achievements while the cheat is activated however.