Feb 132011

On numerous occasions, I have been asked how I got ranked so high in the leaderboards on Rock Band… so, I’ve decided to share my wisdom with you πŸ˜‰

I am currently ranked at 13 in the world for Total Vocals

Easy answer: I own a lot of the DLC (downloadable songs).

I was cleaning up Microsoft Point cards from my room and found over $300 in used cards. Sad, but true. For a long time, I would justify buying points (songs) because I made enough money and didn’t do anything else. I don’t smoke, rarely drink, and well… that’s about it. My only real expense is living costs and games.

I have been downloading demos from the Rock Band Network so I could deem if they were worthy to buy or not. I determine this by:

A) How much they cost

B) If I can stand the music

C) How many points I can get for the leaderboards

I was “download happy” and picking the demo-ed songs I wanted to buy when I clicked β€œconfirm” to β€œI Couldn’t Explain Why” by Citizen Cope 240MSP. FAIL. That is the most expensive song I own.

…oh well, at least I got 100% and #1 on the leaderboards!! πŸ™‚

I suppose that’s it. If you want to move up in the “Total Ranking” leaderboards, all you have to do is Download and Play songs from the Rock Band Network and Rock Band Music Store.

It’s a different story if you want to move up in the “Rock Band 3” leaderboards because the ranking is exclusive to the 83 Rock Band 3 songs on the disc. So the people with the highest scores will be the highest ranked. My ranking for this is about 137, but that’s because I’m not a fan of the songs and I rarely play them. I love DLC! If you want to move up in these leaderboards you have to Play the songs over and over again. Until you master them. Sounds simple right? Play the game, move up in the leaderboards.

Have fun and happy rocking!!

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  12 Responses to “How to Be a Top #100 Rock Band Player {on the leaderboards}”

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  2. Sure, you’ll get ranked higher on DLC songs that fewer people have. But to truly consider yourself good at the game, you should be ranked high on the disc songs too.

    • Thank you Anonymous Person from Massillon, Ohio. I don’t play the Rock Band 3 songs often, which is why I am ranked 137. I understand that’s not fantastic to you? …who is hiding behind no name and a fake email address.

      I cover the importance of PLAYING the songs if you want to move up in the leaderboards. I don’t play the Rock Band 3 songs, thus I’m merely at 137 for those leaderboards. Please refer to the post where I am ranked in the Top #10 for 74 songs. I play the DLC, which is why I’m ranked 13 for total score πŸ™‚

      I appreciate the comment, I just think it’s funny how you’re not willing to show who you are.

  3. They went through all that trouble just to be a douche bag …..don’t worry about people like that they are just jealous of you and have to find some little way to try and bring you down ! Your awesome !

    • awe thanks dude πŸ™‚ …it is rather entertaining that someone would go through the trouble to post with a fake email and no one! I sort of love it <3 LOL

  4. I love your blog but this post I believe is missing some key factors like Overdrive paths, squeezing, and similar things.

    as far as my preferred leaderboard, I stick with the RB3 Rankings because everyone is on the same playing field(everyone has 83 songs on that leaderboard) versus the Total score where more DLC=higher rank. However, I’m probably biased because I’m 12th on RB3 but 48th on Total Score.

  5. if it wasn’t for my massive song library i would certainly not be ranked where i am on the pro drums total score leader boards, that’s for sure. i feel i’m in the top 1% of pro drummers playing the game, but there are many who are better than i am.

  6. How is the ranking calculated? I’ve noticed that as I play my total is 40M for band; 28M for guitar, 18M for bass, 19M for drums…and then various millions for vocals and some of the pro instruments. This doesn’t add up.

    I want to see how high I can get ranked…knowing that I can only do expert on bass, hard/expert on guitar, medium on drums/pro drums, and hard on vocals/harmonies…so I’ll only get so high in comparison to those of you that can do expert on all (I tip my hat on that…wow)

    Just some more insight on how the rankings are calculated would be greatly helpful!

    (D Lars is my XBox 360 Gamertag — when I make comments I stand by them.) πŸ™‚

  7. Midnite Faery

    It’s based on the score of all the songs combined. There are different rankings for each instrument and there is a difference for people with DLC and without DLC. Rock Band 3 rankings are just the Rock Band 3 songs. So if you play the Rock Band 3 songs, your best scores will add up and put you somewhere on the leaderboards. I’m not as high up on the RB3 leaderboards because I don’t play the songs very often and I don’t know them, so I’m not that good πŸ˜‰ Total Score rankings include all songs from various sources (Rock Band 1, 2, 3, AC/DC, Lego, Green Day, DLC, RBN…) The more songs you have, the higher the score will be. You could probably own all the songs and play through on medium and be in the top 100. It’s just your score. Which you’re in quickplay, you can press the yellow button to view the leaderboards for individual songs to see how your score matches with the #1 score.

    but most importantly… have fun! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! It seems that my totals are not adding up in the Total Score Rankings. I also agree with you about the RB3 soundtrack…one of the worst yet…I love the DLC options, and rhythm games in general, but very disappointed in the songs.

      It is the combination of one score (top score on best instrument) for each song or is it top score for each song on each instrument? I think that’s where I’m getting confused.

  8. Midnite Faery

    I believe that for each song, you get two separate scores. You get your individual instrument that you are playing AND a band score. So if you play solo then your band score will be your individual instrument score as well. However, if you play with a full band then you will have their scores included. Press X in the song leaderboard section (in quickplay) too see all the instruments and the whole band scores. You can see how you rank against friends there.

    It takes time for the Rock Band servers to update your scores as well. So check back in a few hours and see if they add up yet.