Jun 152011

My travels to work usually take about 1.5 hours each way so I have to find ways of being entertained. Often, I can be found mass tweeting (on twitter @themidnitefaery). However, lately I have been playing my PSP. Game of choice atm is Rock Band: Unplugged.

I bought my PSP about a year ago, or possibly even longer … but stopped playing it as I couldn’t find the charger. Moving sucks for misplacing stuff is random boxes! Kira actually found it in my suitcase of … well, girly stuff! So with my charger and fancy little black case I can take my PSP on the bus and zone out while rocking to some wicked tunes!

And now that the PSN is up and running, I should be able to grab some new songs!

For those who don’t have a PSP or haven’t played Rock Band: Unplugged I will tell you why I think it’s a perfect game for traveling on the bus.

1. You get to listen to music
2. It doesn’t require much thought (perfect for early mornings)
3. It makes travel time appear faster
4. It’s Rock Band… duh 😉

Plus you can play all the instruments. You have to use the triggers to alternate between bass, drums, vocals, and guitar. Each instrument having their own combos and note patterns. It is really quite fun! I enjoy playing the drums on the PSP because it’s fast and uses many different notes!

I alternate between twitter, comics, and video games while traveling. Thankfully, I never get car sickness and I can focus on other activities while traveling.

Rock Band: Unplugged PSP

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