Apr 052011

As a member of Team Cena, I am required to post at least one music video a week. I had been a bit slack 😉 …so hopefully my two in a day will help out! Life got in the way of gaming, as I’m sure has happened to many people. I never know what songs to sing. I choose songs that are challenging and fun to sing. Of course, if there are other band members then I have to choose songs that are fun for them too! About a week ago, I had recorded a bunch of songs, but the audio wasn’t plugged in properly so the sound only came through one speaker and it was fuzzy. It’s a shame because we had a full band for those! Anyways… today I recorded a couple Green Day songs. Hope you enjoy the videos and I don’t make your ears bleed! …and if I do, then I want pictures!!!

The first one, I sang alone:

Then I sent a message to my drummer HGinCT14 and we rocked out to another Green Day song!

I love playing Rock Band 3. I never claimed to sound like a mass produced, overly edited singer. I just sing for fun. I don’t edit my vocals. I just record them through a digital camera (hooked up through the back of the tv, compliments to lll KiRa lll) and then run it through firewire into the computer. Then upload! No editing whatsoever :)…and singing through a Disney microphone probably doesn’t do wonders for my voice either!

The drummer is awesome and we got a Double FC (Full Combo). Now we just need to find a couple guitarists with Green Day DLC, since our bassist (Lowieee) has been M.I.A. with her new boy <3

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  2. LadyAether

    I think you’re pretty awesome! I don’t sound the best when I sing either, although I sound pretty good on some songs. I may upload a video of me singing… >_O