Jan 192011

In Rock Band 3, there is a ranking system for the leaderboards. For the Total Career Leaderboards, the first 1,250 people are in the top 1% for Vocals. The rest are between 2% and 99% (each % containing a slew of people). Each instrument has their own leaderboards.

My overall standing for the Total Career Leaderboards is #12 in the World for Vocals. I was at #9 but got bumped by a couple GT’s that glitched. My place for vocals in the Rock Band 3 Leaderboards (which does not include downloaded songs) is #137. There is different leaderboards for everything it seems!

The Song Leaderboards have their own ranking system as well. Which follows closely to the career leaderboards. It is based on points earned during a single song. There can be anywhere from 200-1000 people in the top 1% depending on how many people have played a particular song. The top 1% is considered “Ranked”. The rest are just a % but not “ranked”.

There are 74 Songs that I am Ranked in the Top #10 {1%} for Vocals. I have 372 that are considered “Ranked” and the rest are in %. To move further up the leaderboards, I would need to get the songs in % to be “ranked”.

Check out my Epic Win!


Doll by Foo Fighters

False Alarm by The Bronx

Ride a White Swan by T Rex

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes


Another Round by Dirty Filthy Mugs

Natural Disaster by Plain White T’s

You’re All I’ve Got Tonight by The Cars


Blood Sugar Sex Magik by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Chemical Infatuation by Like a Storm

Epitome of Misery by Broken Equilibrium

Extraordinary Girl by Green Day

She’s a Runaway by Partially Poetic

Shut Up by The Early Strike

Speed of Sound by Pearl Jam


Burn you Down by Opiate for the Masses

Catalyst by Raven Quinn

The End by Pearl Jam

Lately by Day of Fire

Suffragette City by David Bowie


Anything by Kristin Dare

Bad Omen by Megadeth

Beautiful Disaster by The Gufs

Heart of Lilith 2010 by Inkubus Sukkubus

Main Offender by The Hives

NDE by Blow Up Hollywood

Open My Eyes by Inhabited

Train Kept A Rollin’ by Aerosmith

Wanted Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi


Helen Wheels by Paul McCartney & Wings

Highway to Hell (Live) by AC/DC

Made of Scars by Stone Sour

Striken by Disturbed

Word Forward by Foo Fighters


Aesthetics of Hate by Machine Head

The Brave/Agony Applause by Deadlock

Hells Bells by AC/DC

Iron Maiden (Live) by Iron Maiden

Johnny Guitar by Pearl Jam

Joker & The Thief by Wolf Mother

Laceration by Mile Marker Zero

Last Night on Earth by Green Day

Life Design by The Parlotones

Life is Beautiful by Sixx: A.M.

Murder City by Green Day

My Generation (Live at Leeds) by The Who

The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden

Say You’ll Haunt Me by Stone Sour


Beauty Queen by The Fury

Don’t Cha Stop by The Cars

The Great Satan by Ministry

Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill

Release by Pearl Jam

School’s Out by Alice Cooper

Unknown Thought by Pearl Jam


Call Me When You’re Sober by Evanescence

Claudette by Roy Orbison

Crawling by Linkin Park

Force of Nature by Pearl Jam

Fortunate Son by CCR

Gasoline by The Bouncing Souls

Girls Who Play Guitars by Maximo Park

Gone by Crooked X

I Still Feel Her, Part III by Jonny Craig

Up in Arms by Foo Fighters

Yomp by Thenewno2


…And Justice for All by Metallica

Accidently in Love by Counting Crows

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC

Hammerhead by The Offspring

Hey Baby by No Doubt

Pretty Noose by Soundgarden

Through Glass by Stone Sour

Times Like These by Foo Fighters

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  1. jonny craig <3

  2. I’m top 1% on guitar!

  3. Entirely awesome.