Jan 192011

Anyone who likes social board games will have likely played Risk. It’s insanely long and when played properly there are secret alliances and long winded discussions about the next move. It’s a game based half on skill and half on luck. The board game has up to 6 players and I’ve played games where it lasts more than 8 hours!

A friend recommended the purchase of Risk (for 800 MSP). I begrudgingly bought it so we had something in common to play. I am not usually a fan of the arcade games. I have a few which are cool and a few which I can’t even justify playing anymore. So, Risk. On XBOX. Couldn’t hurt right?

I loaded up the game. It was the Risk board, with a maximum of 5 players. But there was a new feature: Factions! This is where you have cats, robots, humans, zombies, and Yeti battle it out with their own unique dice. The characters actually fight on the screen. Throwing cat poop, vomiting, sending waves of electricity, and of course gun play! I think this is the coolest part of the game.

Also new to Risk on XBOX was the idea of “Objectives”. If one player completes 3 objectives and their capital before world domination, they could win the game. Don’t worry, there is still the “Classic” mode of risk, so the only way it ends is world domination! The Objectives are a nice twist because they are fun to try and achieve before other players. For example, controlling 2 capitals or 22 continents. The Objectives give rewards to the player that has them (and you can only collect one per turn). An extra dice while defending or attacking is always handy!

There is a solo mode where you can work through 5 campaigns. Each one teaches you about the different objectives and map perks. I would recommend playing through this before multiplayer so you are prepared to slaughter other players!

I would rank this game as 9/10 for multiplayer and 8/10 for solo campaign. It’s always more fun to play against real people vs. computers!

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