Feb 152011

Hi everyone,

In the spirit of Valentines day I wish to share this link with you:

10 of the Best Love Stories in Games

What games do YOU think have great love stories? They left out a lot of great ones!

P.S: Gaming Update: After I finish the expansion for Dragonage “Awakenings” again with my elven mage character, I think I’m gonna try out Enslaved: Odyssey to the West – I’ve heard really good things about it so it had peaked my interest. Also, can’t wait to get my hands on “Back to the Future” adventure/puzzle game by Telltale games for PS3. I doubt it will be as good as Monkey Island but it does look like good fun, especially for back to the future fans!

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  2 Responses to “Quick Post: Gamer’s Valentine”

  1. I love that Final Fantasy VIII is still on that list! It’s still one of my favorite games and one of my favorite game romances. 🙂

  2. Shadow of The Colossus was a great pick, and so was The Darkness. I don’t like, however, that the writer never mentioned that The Darkness is also available for 360.