Apr 282011

Hey everyone it’s Kazu, we’ve all been busy for one reason or another.  Readers and posters alike, Spring holidays always seem to be busier than the rest, so here’s a video to break up your day with a little dose of ROCKBAND!

Hope you like it, I shot it myself (it’s my first time using my new capture card, so you should feel special!

Speaking of Rockband, THIS GUY did a pretty epic thing. Turnsy1985 (as of the time of this post) has been playing Rockband 3 for about 40 hours, and will be doing so for another 10 hours to raise money for the Royal Marine Charitable Trust Fund. You can read more about that, as well as donate, here.  Midnite Faery and I played with him for a bit, and we had a rockin’ (no pun intended) time!

Well, that’s all for now, I’ll be sure to throw some more videos up once I get the quality of  the capture card up a bit.  For those of you who had a Spring Break already, enjoy getting back to work/school, and those of you lucky enough to still be on/starting now, have a rockin’ Spring Break!



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