May 032011

Last week, Plants vs. Zombies was on sale for 800 microsoft points (rather than 1200). I was waiting for a new Raven Quinn song to be released for Rock Band 3, but it wasn’t available sooo… so I figured why not buy this game! I have time to get sucked into an arcade game 😉

There are 46 different “plants” that you can use to defend your house against the waves of zombies. They start off pretty basic. There is a pea shooting green plant that you can use to kill your slow moving, unprotected zombie. Eventually you can get plants that are only awake at night (mushrooms). Some plants explode, others require a basic plant behind it to make it stronger (it’s an add-on plant!). It all becomes quite intertwined.

Your main mission is: defend your house and don’t let the zombies eat your brains!

There are a specific number of places to put your defenses to stop the mini zombie hordes. It starts off with 4 rows and 8 spots in each row.

The plants cost “sun” to make them grow. There are “sun” pieces dropped every few seconds, which are worth 25 sun and if you plant sunflowers, you will get an additional 25 sun every few seconds. Defensive plants can cost as little as 50 sun to as much as 350 sun.

As your plants progressively get cooler and stronger, so do the zombies. Eventually you have to put some consideration into what plants will kill the zombies lurking nearby.

Not only does Plants vs. Zombies have a single player campaign, there are loads of mini games, puzzles, co-op, and versus. Also you can go to the store where Crazy Dave sells you random plants and supplies, and you have your own Zen Garden where you can grow plants to make money. In various puzzle and mini game modes you are given Zen Plants as rewards. Your Zen Plants require water, fertilizer, music, and bug spray. Each time you tend to them you are rewarded financially. Obviously, the more money you have the more “stuff” you can buy! This in turn, makes the game more exciting and gratifying for the player.

Plants vs. Zombies has been around on the iphone, PC, and consoles for awhile now. It is amazing! If you haven’t played it yet, I would highly recommend picking up the demo and possibly purchasing the game (hopefully it’s still on sale). It is a lot of fun to play single player, and when I have someone to do co-op with me … I will write about that too!

I know that I am just a mere girl gamer, but come on… I play a huge amount of games and if a game manages to capture my attention and keeps me going back for more, it has to be good! I haven’t played many arcade games because I usually like pretty graphics and forever changing environments and characters, but the more arcade games I play, the more I am appreciating them. Plants vs. Zombies is an epic lawn adventure with waves of zombie killing and plant fortification to protect your house and your brains!

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