Feb 072011

After stealing as much as I could from homeowners and shopkeepers, I decided to make some potions to use supplies because I was over-encumbered. The first potion I made included a lovely mixture of apple, cheese, corn, and flour. It will restore fatigue 5 points for 22 seconds. I made a bunch more and then continued on my merry way to find Jauffre.

I managed to steal a lovely white horse and ride it for a few minutes before a bandit appeared and started attacking it. I killed the bandit but my horse ran away back home.

I walked through the forest for a bit and came across the “Odiil Farm”. After successfully breaking into the house, I stole some “Nirnroot” which requires an alchemist. I love how stealing stuff adds quests and perks to the game.

Great Success! I made it to Weynon Priory.

I gave Jauffre the Amulet of Kings and he told me about the Dragonfire’s. They need to be lit in order to keep the Temple of One out of darkness It is believed that having them lit, kept the Oblivion doors from causing harm. That’s why the Gates of Oblivion are a problem now. I see…

Jauffre said that the Emperor’s son is Martin and he lives in the Chapel in Kvatch. Serving some guy “Akatosh”. I’m heading down south to find Martin.

There’s a nifty little “Shrine of Dibella” that fills up your health by activating it!

I arrived at a beat up town called “Hackdirt” and the first person I spoke with told me to leave. Awe sad.. I thought I picked personality as one of my perks!

Oh well… I broke into the nearest house and started stealing their food. I love making random potions with leaks, potatoes, watermellon, and oranges. I have made so many random disguising potions that I was awarded with “Journeyman of Alchemy”. I can see 3 effects of each ingredient instead of only 2.

In the far corner of the house, there was a trap door in the floor. Sure… I’ll bite and hop down there. Automatically I was attacked by 2 guys! Ugh… “X” to ready my sword and RT to start swinging! I searched their dead bodies and found keys.

I ran around a cave-like underground and popped up the trap door into Moslin’s Inn. I was feeling more naughty than usual, and a little buggered that I got attacked by these townspeople. So I decided to kill the store keeper!

Time to climb up the ladder to Natch Pinder’s House. Upon my arrival into Natch’s house, he told me that I should leave before someone gets hurt. So what did I do…pull out my sword “yea you!’ muhahaha *evil grin*

After raiding his house, it’s back down into the trap door. Is it bad that I’m enjoying playing as the villain?

I finished raiding the town and killing most of the people and got bored. I need to find a place to sleep so I can level up. Apparently it’s a bad idea to kill the Inn owner if you want use their beds.

I have arrived at Weatherlesh. The first house I went into was destroyed and there was a body burning in the firepit. Okay…so I’m not “that” evil, yet.

The attic was full of skeletons and random bones! Gross…

I was apparently invited to sleep in the bed here, so I did. 8 hours, the perfect amount of sleep to level up. Woo Level 3 🙂

I followed the little red arrow through many more fields of long grass and flowers until I was approached by a rather frantic man screaming about the Oblivion Gate being opened! A bunch of people had pitched up tents and they were devastated that their city was destroyed. Perfect…it was the city where Martin was suppose to be. After pretending to feel sorry for them, I went into the tents and pillaged whatever I could. I didn’t kill anyone here because I figured they had already lost their city, may as well let them live.

Onwards up the mountain to find 3 guards holding grounds in front of the first Oblivion Gate. I offered my help and they eagerly encouraged my adventures into Oblivion.

The environment was full of fire and blood. I was no longer harvesting Aloe Vera, nope…now I was harvesting Bloodgrass. No more sacks of grains here. Just nasty hanging fleshy pods that make slurping sounds when you open them. Yum!

The Oblivion was full of Stunted Scamps, which are mini demon creatures that shoot fire balls at you! Luckily, they are fairly easy to kill.

Into the first temple. It is full of meaty pathways and hanging bodies. Mission is to activate the Sigil Stone. Basically, climb up as far as you can go. Activate…and *poof* I closed the first gate.

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